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   Chapter 172 Who Did It

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"You arrogant bitch!" Unable to hold back her anger, Narissa rushed to Mandy, her teeth clenched in anger. She started to draw her hand back to slap Mandy across the face.

But Mandy acted quickly. She, too, raised her hand and was able to slap Narissa first. Her blow left Narissa petrified.

The employees of the Cartier Jewelry store were all shocked. A famous female star was being attacked by an unknown woman!

With a ferocious look on her face, Narissa rushed forward again, wanting to get back at Mandy.

There was already a crowd of people outside the store watching the action happen. Some were even holding up their phones to get it on video.

"I'll teach you some manners since your mother clearly didn't teach you any!" Mandy said as she swiftly stepped aside, dodging Narissa's attack.

Since Narissa was wearing high heels, she easily lost her balance and slipped on the cold, hard floor. Mandy kicked her in the ass, and Narissa collapsed.

Narissa looked terribly disheveled. The whole crowd was actively talking about the scene that ensued.

"What a skillful fighter that other woman is!"

"She has gone too far. How could she beat Narissa? I'm going to give her a taste of her own medicine!"

"Exactly. Who the hell is this woman? I am going to tear her apart!"

"Poor Narissa! She didn't deserve to get beaten up like that. Oh, my goodness!"

Mandy heard the crowd's discussions, but she paid them no attention. She had just taught Narissa a lesson; Narissa didn't even know how to behave appropriately. Plus, it was Narissa who broke the necklace, and she had beat Mandy first.

After straightening herself up, Mandy went over to the counter.

"Please wrap this necklace up for me," said Mandy, pointing at another necklace on the counter.

"Yes… Yes... Miss." The shop assistant nodded immediately. She didn't dare to disobey Mandy.

Narissa got up from the ground. She saw that Mandy wa

my. "You don't have to be strong all the time, you know. Let me help you."

Mandy fell into silence and just let Jamie treat her wounds.

Iodine was applied to the cuts. The yellow liquid colored the red bloodstain into an even deeper red. As unyielding as Mandy was, she didn't even complain at all while she was bearing the pain.

Her thoughts wandered to the previous incident. She gritted her teeth and recalled what had happened in the jewelry store. It was Narissa who had humiliated her in the first place!

As soon as Jamie had helped her disinfect the wound and apply the medicine, Nathan called her.

The video that the onlookers had taken was released on Weibo, and soon, the click rate was over one hundred million. There were more than 300, 000 comments within an hour. Every post was made to curse Mandy.

It was Fred who called Nathan and told him about this matter. Then, he looked it up online immediately.

Seeing that Narissa was kicked by Mandy, he didn't feel sorry for the woman. But when Narissa severely scratched Mandy's leg, he felt very nervous.

Nathan paused the video, the scary wound showing on the screen of the computer. He could no longer sit still, and he quickly stood up, loosening the collar of his shirt. He looked terrifyingly sullen.

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