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   Chapter 171 Fight For The Necklace

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Narissa was aware that Mandy had chosen the necklace first. Although she never liked dainty necklaces and preferred luxurious ones with big gems, Narissa wanted to somehow have the necklace that Mandy had selected first.

"So what? You didn't pay," Narissa said giving a nasty smile at Mandy.

"But it was I who asked the assistant to take it out." Mandy wasn't in the mood to argue with Narissa and tried to make her understand.

Narissa had hated Mandy right from the moment she had laid eyes on her. For some reason, she wanted to see her suffer, even though she had no clue who Mandy was. Narissa wasn't ready to accept her defeat. She would rather destroy the necklace than let Mandy have it.

Narissa lunged forward and tried to grasp the necklace. The necklace was flimsy and would rip apart if she exerted more force. Mandy would have let go of the necklace if it were anyone else, but Narissa was being arrogant and insensitive, and that made Mandy's anger reach its pinnacle.

Narissa was standing with her hands on her waist and glared at Mandy, who was sitting on the chair.

"Do you know who I am?" Arrogance was oozing out of Narissa's every word. Everyone in City A knew who Narissa was.

"Why should I know who you are?" Mandy smirked, which managed to annoy Narissa even more.

She clenched her teeth, and she was staring at Mandy with bloodshot eyes.

Narissa's agent immediately stepped forward. She was a burly woman. She came to Narissa's rescue when she saw her shaking with rage.

There was not a hint of fear in Mandy's eyes. She knew that they couldn't inflict any harm to her as they were in the jewelry store, and many people were watching them.

"You don't even know who Miss Qi is, you count

led mercilessly. Her starry eyes had turned cold. She had no sympathy for the woman standing in front of her.

"Sure, I'll wait." Mandy guessed that Narissa had meant Nathan when she referred to her boyfriend.

Narissa grabbed her phone from the bag and immediately called Nathan.

Although Nathan wasn't busy, he immediately hung up Narissa's call as he was annoyed by her babble.

Narissa's cheeks burned with embarrassment when Nathan disconnected her call.

"What happened? Has your boyfriend hung up on you?" Mandy smirked, looking at Narissa's disappointed face.

"It was my boyfriend's assistant. My boyfriend is in an important meeting right now," Narissa lied, avoiding Mandy's gaze.

Mandy chuckled. She didn't believe Narissa's words.

"Excuse me, who are you? What's your name? Believe it or not, my boyfriend is capable of destroying you and your family in City A!" Narissa clenched her fist and was looking murderous.

"Okay... Really? All right. My name is Mandy Zhou. Ask your boyfriend to destroy me. Go ahead!" Mandy's words were coated with sarcasm, and her eyes were cold. She was ready to face anything and everything.

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