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   Chapter 170 I Saw It First

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In the JR Hospital

Mandy was busy with her work when her phone rang. She quickly turned on the screen.

It was a note she wrote a few months ago—today was Cassie's birthday.

A smile crept up on Mandy's face as she was reminded of her best friend's birthday.

'What kind of birthday gift should I buy for her?' Mandy pondered. She supported her head with her hands, feeling a little stumped. When she was a little girl, the girls around her liked all kinds of dolls. When she was in college, girls liked all kinds of cosmetics and lipsticks. Now that she was a grown-up, the things that women wanted were all different from one another.

Mandy felt that lipstick would be too cheap for Cassie. They were friends for less than a year, and it was the first time she would be celebrating Cassie's birthday. Therefore, she wanted to give her a big surprise.

By noon, Mandy and Cassie quietly had lunch in the canteen.

"Cas, what gifts do you usually give to your good friends?" Mandy asked casually.

Cassie pondered for a while as she chewed on her food. "Hmmm... I guess I'll give them something they like," she said with a smile.

"Okay... Just out of curiosity, what do you like?" Suddenly, Mandy felt that she was a failure as a friend. They had been friends for quite some time, but she didn't have any idea what Cassie liked.

"I'm a foodie. I like eating," Cassie answered as she put more food into her mouth.

Jayleen, who was with them, laughed at Cassie's response. "Cassie, don't eat too much. You look fatter than when you first came here to the hospital."

Upon hearing this, Cassie lost her enthusiasm. She put down her chopsticks and asked with pessimism, "Really? Are you serious? Did I really get fat?"

"If you don't believe me, you can ask Mand." Jayleen shrugged.

Mandy stared at Cassie's chubby face for a moment, but she didn't seem to see any difference in Cassie's weight. "No, I don't think you gained any weight," Mandy reassured her with a smile.

"There's a weighing scale at the nurses' station. You can check your own weight later if you don't believe me," Jayleen said with a smile, teasingly poking Cassie's side.

Cassie lost her a

during that time.

At that time, Mandy was still studying in England. During the first week that the film was released, it generated one billion dollars in the box office, setting a new, mind-blowing record. Even when Mandy was in the UK, she heard about this film. In total, "A Red Scarf" achieved a box office of 1.8 billion, a number that many stars would probably never reach in their lifetime.

The thought that the woman standing in front of her turned popular with the help of Nathan made her a little bit uncomfortable. Narissa always gave her an uneasy feeling. She was arrogant as if the whole world revolved around her.

Mandy wanted to choose something for Cassie as soon as possible so that she could leave. Finally, she decided to buy a platinum diamond necklace.

Just as Mandy reached out for the necklace, Narissa's hand fell on the necklace with hers at the same time.

They gazed at each other. Mandy looked up calmly, and there was no expression in her almond-shaped eyes. But Narissa's enchanting eyes looked a little provoking.

The shop assistant looked at the necklace awkwardly. It was the last one. What should she do if these two customers fought over it?

Neither of them wanted to let go of the necklace. They just stared at each other wordlessly, for an awkward amount of time. The air between them was getting tenser and tenser.

"I'm sorry, but I saw this necklace first," Mandy said coldly, smiling sarcastically.

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