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   Chapter 169 It's My Fault

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Remembering the hesitation and pitiful expression on Mandy's face made Nathan uneasy.

"Do you regret it?" Simon smiled.

Nathan kept silent. He pursed his thin lips tightly and tried to not say anything. He was wondering how this instance was greatly affecting his relationship with Mandy. He knew they shouldn't let this matter cause them emotional baggage.

"Come on, Nathan. I've seen her. She is a nice girl," Simon said. Smiling widely, he then finished drinking his wine.

Simon believed that drinking red wine before sleep was good for the skin. Although he was a man, he always cared for his looks. He was vain and could be pretty much conceited.

Nathan put down his wine glass and walked out briskly.

Seeing the anxious look on Nathan's face, Simon knew that he had fallen in love with Mandy. It was so obvious. Perhaps only Nathan was not aware of it.

No. 520, Haibin Road

After parking the car, he rushed into the bedroom.

He wanted to surprise Mandy, so he didn't turn on the light and directly jumped into the bed.

However, the bed was empty. Mandy wasn't there!

It was unusual. Different thoughts crossed Nathan's head. It was late at night. Where was Mandy?

He quickly switched the light on in the bedroom. A golden crystal lamp started emitting a bright light from the end of the room. Mandy was nowhere to be found.

He searched every corner of the bedroom, including the dressing room and the bathroom, but to no avail.

He was losing his mind. Where could Mandy go at this hour? He had to call Mandy. He took out his mobile phone and dialed her number. He heard a phone ring. Mandy's phone was on the bedside table.

He did not know if it was with relief or added tension that he saw Mandy's phone near him. If the phone was in the bedroom, Mandy must still be in the villa.

Nathan anxiously looked around and found that the French door to the balcony was not completely closed. Thanks to his sharp eyes and good memory, he remembered that the window had been closed before he left.

He turned and walked back towards the balcony, where he saw a curled-up figure in the corner. Her soft hair adorned her back as a breeze blew gently on her skin.

Nathan loose

ing a game. No one would know the result till the game was over.

"I trust you," Mandy said with a firm look on her face. She smiled faintly as she looked at him, knowing that she could trust him.

"From now on... I'll tell you everything, okay?" he finally said to her. The sadness was overwhelming in his eyes, and he started to change his mind. He couldn't be cold to Mandy.

A hint of hesitation crossed Mandy's face. A few seconds later, she replied in a soft voice, "Okay."

As long as they could be together in the future, Mandy was willing to wait. Even if there was none, she was willing to do so as well. After all, Nathan was the most powerful man in the city. He was able to accomplish almost everything in his career. Moreover, he looked like a prince from the fairy tales, a charming man that every woman was fantasizing about. Now that particular man asked her for a favor with a very gentle and loving tone, how could she say no to him?

He must have his reasons for not saying anything right now. Trust was the most important thing for couples like them. No matter whom Nathan loved in the past, as long as he was by her side, she was willing to risk everything just for their love.

"Go to sleep now." Nathan's strong right hand touched Mandy's face and gently stroked her face.

"Okay. I will." She put her arms around him as she smiled.

Nathan leaned over and whispered, "Good night." Then he continued hugging her and eventually fell asleep.

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