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   Chapter 167 Look Alike

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"They… They look very much alike." Staring at the woman in the photo, Luke came out of his trance. He believed that doppelgangers did exist in this world. These two women looked just the same.

"She will come to City A after three months." A cynical smile spread across Damian's face.

"You really are something, Damian." Luke patted on his son's shoulders as his wrinkly face was beaming with joy.

"We're making use of them to get what we need. Since they look alike, it will work out perfectly well," said Damian with a faint smile.

"Are you confident about Mandy?" Luke asked as apprehension crossed his face.

"Nathan's grandfather's birthday is next month. They will be throwing a party for him. He will definitely take Eve to the party by then, and I... I will take Mandy with me," Damian said thoughtfully as if he was visualizing his plans.

"Then you should seize the opportunity."

"Of course." Damian was looking pleased with himself.

"Damian, what are you going to do with these photos?" Luke was staring at the thick stack of photos in his hand, trying to understand what was going on in his son's mind.

"Post the pictures on WeChat moments. Let someone see it." A sardonic smirk crept on the corner of Damian's lips.

No. 520, Haibin Road

As soon as he woke up, Nathan silently looked at the woman sleeping in his arms and instantly felt relieved.

It had been only a month, but Nathan didn't know why he was obsessed with Mandy. He should have hated her, but he couldn't be an animal and mistreat her every time he looked at her.

Mandy was in a silk slip dress, curled up on the bed, hugging herself. Nathan had studied psychology and could understand people's gestures. Usually, the ones who lacked a sense of security would curl up in their sleep. The thought of it made Nathan's heart ache faintly, and he pulled her into a protective embrace.

Nathan didn't know how important Mandy was to him. He wouldn't understand his own heart when he was around her. But he knew one thing for sure; she would never be able to replace her.

When Nathan got reminded o

She had lost confidence in herself. Nathan had been distant and strange with her.

Mandy was afraid that she would collapse if things continued to be this way. She was the apple of his eye when he was happy, and he would completely avoid her if he was going through a tough time.

For a moment Mandy was in the blissful thought that she was going to become happy, but she was utterly wrong. It had only been her illusion.

Mandy bit her lip to control her emotions. She was devastated and thought that it was going to be another sleepless night.

It was a cruel world. Life would shower you with happiness, and just when you start believing that you are happy, it would suck all the happiness away in an instant. No one could escape their fate.

The villa fell into silence except for the occasional sobs that echoed in the night.

Simon would always turn his phone to flight mode when he slept. Otherwise, someone or the other would end up bothering him, especially his fiancée.

Nathan drove his Lamborghini and parked in front of Simon's house before honking from the car.

Simon's phone was turned off when he called him, so Nathan called his landline.

Simon was drifting into a deep sleep when the blaring sound of his landline woke him up. He picked up the phone with sleepy eyes and was about to yell at the caller, but he instantly calmed down when he heard Nathan's voice.

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