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   Chapter 166 A Piece Of Cake

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Nathan made a good start and won the first round.

Reluctant to admit his defeat, Justin tried to provoke Nathan when he said, "The game has just started. Let's wait and see, Mr. Jin. Don't be too excited. A proud troop usually goes home defeated."

Nathan sneered and made no comment. 'Let's wait and see. I'll show you the way to failure today, ' he thought.

The truth was that all Justin could do was complain tonight. Soon he would taste the feeling of suffering a crushing defeat. There was no way he could redeem himself.

The roulette started again.

This time, they switched to another table and was served by a different dealer.

It was also a one-off game. Both sides would directly bet on the numbers. Nathan sat down casually, and with a calm smile on his face, he asked, "Mand, what's your lucky number?"

Mandy was completely bewildered. She threw him a questioning look. 'What if I lose?' she thought.

"Nathan... I..." Mandy swallowed back her words. She was sweating. Her heart was beating so strong that she felt her ribs would break. She had no idea why she was more nervous than the players.

"Come on! Just relax. Take a deep breath and tell me your lucky number," Nathan assured Mandy. He wagered all on Mandy because he firmly believed that she was his lucky charm, and she would bring him good luck.

"Seventeen," Mandy said the first number that came to her mind. For a few seconds, she felt a tinge of relief. Then, her heart began thumping again. Their fate was dependent on the number she had just uttered. "God bless us! God bless us!" She was repeating the same words over and over again.

Nathan wrapped Mandy's hand into his and smiled at her. He was trying to calm her.

"Twenty two," Justin shouted. His face was expressionless, and his eyes were blank. He hated Nathan for treating him like a joke.

The dealer nodded as he received the two numbers. He started to turn the roulette and added strength from his hands slowly. The roulette began to spin at high speed, and the small ball kept spinning with a thrilling sound. All eyes were focused on the roulette.

The moment the dealer retreated his hands from the roulette, the ball spun slowly and instantly fixed at the number 17 slot.

Mandy had put her palms together earlier, and she prayed until the ball stopped. Nathan had bet on her number, and she thought of the guilt she would feel if they did not win.

'That's it?' she asked in her head.

Mandy was amazed that they had won. She did not have any idea on how these things commenced, and she was now more relaxed.

On the other hand

night before the trip.

Nathan was not too tired, but he went upstairs to put Mandy to sleep. He did not only carry her to the bedroom, but he also laid on the bed. He sat next to her, watching her sleep.

The bright sunshine crept into the room as the morning arrived. Nathan heaved a deep sigh of satisfaction now that he realized that they were here on the familiar bed, and his girl was sleeping like a child in his arms. He closed his eyes again. It was indeed a sound sleep. They slept for more than ten hours, and they did not bother to check the notifications on their phones.

On the other side of the city, the house of the Shi Family was getting busy.

"Father," Damian called in the study. He sounded nothing different, and even he couldn't hear whether there was any emotion in his voice.

"Hey, son," Luke replied. He put down a book he was reading and got up.

"Dad, you won't believe it. Two people in this world would look exactly like each other," Damian said. Dozens of photos were inside a thick, yellow craft paper envelope in his hands to prove his words.

Luke's face lit up upon hearing the news. He nodded, instructing Damian to come closer and show him the photos.

Damian opened the envelope, took some of the photos, and handed it to his father. One of the photos showed a girl who had a delicate face, fair skin, and refined features. She had a beautiful face that one would not forget. Her eyes were like stars in the sky: bright and particular.

The beauty of the girl was not such that it "launched a thousand ships," but it would make someone feel at peace. In one of the photos where she was wearing light makeup, her red lips looked soft and tempting. She was very attractive, indeed.

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