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   Chapter 165 A Stupid Prince

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Mandy felt dizzy after her last surgery in the afternoon because she had been so busy, working in the operating room for several hours.

The hospital had always been flooded with patients. Mandy's schedule was fully booked, leaving her scant time to relax.

After work, Nathan drove Mandy directly to the private airport.

It was an empty place, with no one in sight.

Fred, with a lawyer and ten bodyguards wearing black uniforms, were waiting for Nathan and Mandy.

It was Mandy's first tome to fly in a private plane. She had never enjoyed such grandeur. She also got bodyguards to protect her.

The plane was huge and had enough room for 30 people.

Mandy was a little excited when she first got on the plane. She let Nathan tell her a story.

Fred and the bodyguards were sitting behind them. Everyone was shocked and wondered when did the great Mr. Jin learn to tell stories. Thanks to Mandy, everyone heard Nathan telling a story for the first time. It was a story about a mermaid.

Although she had heard the story many times, hearing it from Nathan made a big difference.

"Nathan, if you were a mermaid, what would you do?" Mandy asked as she leaned her head comfortably on Nathan's shoulder.

"I will stab the stupid prince with my sword and find a new prince," Nathan answered without hesitation. His facial expression was incomprehensible.

His answer was indeed sharp. Mandy smiled and interlocked her fingers with Nathan's.

"It means that you are unfaithful in love. The little mermaid is so infatuated with the prince. Even if she would turn into bubbles, she still chooses to make the prince happy," Mandy said sentimentally.

"Women are idiots." Nathan shook his head and chuckled.

Nathan's words rang a bell in Mandy's mind. She asked, "If I forget you one day, will you go find someone else?"

She asked the question in a seemingly casual manner as Mandy carefully concealed her emotions. She wanted to know what Nathan would say.

Nathan pulled her closer in his arms. He shook his head, and wit

ne card. This kind of game was too exciting.

"Do you want more?" the croupier asked.

"Add," Nathan answered. He pushed out all the chips in front of him smoothly. He maintained his calm and cool aura.

Unwilling to be outmatched, Justin pushed his chips of fifty million out too. One of his cards was the ace of spades. It was already a good card. He did not believe that Nathan could get the two of hearts.

"Show the cards," the croupier said.

Nathan smiled faintly and revealed the two of hearts in his hand. When Justin saw it, his face turned deathly pale.

Between the ace of hearts and the two of hearts, there was only a subtle difference. Justin had lost sixty million.

Seeing Justin's unhappy demeanor, Nathan laughed and said, "Mr. Lin, don't be too nervous. It's not good to be in a hurry. Relax."

Given that he already lost, Nathan's comment added insult to his injury. Justin felt like his heart was a forest, and someone had ignited a fire. Flames of fury were burning inside him.

This was not only a matter of win or lose, but also his dignity. Even if he lost sixty million, he could still afford that. He had a rich family, after all.

"Nathan, you're awesome!" Mandy's pretty face was painted with pure excitement and love for Nathan. She stared at him with pride and thought he was the most handsome man in the world.

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