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   Chapter 163 Who Else Is Here

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Nathan seemed pretty content after listening to Mandy's reply. As a consequence, a beautiful smile made its way onto his face.

"Four years ago, there was a big accident in JS International. As a result, the company was almost shut down. It was during that dire situation when my father decided to hand over almost half of the business to me. Taking over the company meant I had a huge responsibility. Luke took advantage of the company and embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from JS International. Even now, we haven't managed to figure out the exact amount he took." Nathan shook his head helplessly. Just the thought of this made him resentful. After he had assumed the position of CEO, he had fired all the senior staff who were close to Luke. Fortunately, the company gradually regained its former glory.

Now JS International was entirely Nathan's.

"What? How did he manage to do it in your father's presence?" asked Mandy as she turned around to look at Nathan in surprise.

"Luke is a cunning man. My grandfather was seriously ill at that time; hence, our main focus was on him. With this family issue at hand, none of us cared to know about what was going on within our business. Anyway, what Luke had done caught us completely off-guard. It was so unexpected!" Nathan said while a cold look returned to his face.

"Such an awful man!" Mandy exclaimed looking disgusted. She couldn't believe she had thought Luke was a nice man. This proved how deceptive looks could be.

"Over the years, he has been buying luxurious houses and sports cars in the United States. Besides, I heard he is planning on starting his own company. My father doesn't talk much about it. He has a heart problem, which means such stress isn't good for him. And sadly, Damian, who was supposed to take over this, isn't a smart man. He isn't capable enough to run the company on his own. That's why he finally gave up and chose to idle around in JS International," Nathan told Mandy.

"What? Do you mean that Damian isn't smart enough?" Mandy was again astounded. In her opinion, Damian was a clever man who had the potential to become a successful businessman.

"He likes to spend all his time on women. In the first month, after he came back from abro

o Las Vegas and would love to visit the place.

"I've had it prepared for you. We'll leave by private plane after work tomorrow."

"That can't be true, Nathan. How can you get a visa without my passport?" Though confused, Mandy was awed by Nathan's capabilities.

"I have my own ways."

Hearing this, Mandy smiled and said, "Well… Life must be pretty great when you have so much money."

Nathan agreed in his heart. His lips curled into a smile. Money was indeed a good thing as it was capable of satisfying all vanity and desires. However, from experience, he knew that an excessive amount of money was not healthy. It had the ability to make people blind. Once people had money, they were bound to crave more money.

That was what Luke was doing. At first, he worked at JS International as a general manager, and his salary was quite high. Later, Jason offered him an incremental increase in his salary every year, but he was still dissatisfied with it, and his greed intensified. In the end, he embarked on a road that had no turning around.

"Honey." The languid voice of Nathan came through all of a sudden.

"What? Who… Who is your honey?" Mandy blushed in the hazy night. What a strange thing! Sometimes when he called her honey, she would respond to him subconsciously.

"Who else is here?" He stood up and walked up to Mandy.

He bent down and stared at Mandy with his starry eyes. Without giving her any time to react, he scooped her into his arms and held her soft body.

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