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   Chapter 162 Do You Really Love Her

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"Do you really like Dr. Zhou, Nathan?" Daisy asked with a smile. She had only met Mandy once. From that single encounter, Daisy felt that Mandy was nice and friendly, which made Daisy very fond of her.

Hearing his mother's question, Nathan simply flashed a dazzling smile. His mouth turned slightly at the corners, and his thin lips curved to a playful arc. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking at that moment.

"Nathan! Just please answer my question!" Daisy blurted out. 'Why does he have such a smug smile on his face? What's going on in my son's head?' she wondered.

"Mom... I need to ask you a question first. Do you like her?" Nathan asked, his eyes twinkling with anticipation.

"Your father and I accept her as long as you like her, Nathan," Daisy answered solemnly. She was actually quite an open-minded woman and would accept any girl her son would fall for. That is to say, as long as that girl wasn't a harlot.

"You should just wait and meet her yourself, Mom!" Nathan said excitedly.

"Well, okay then. When will you take her home?" Daisy asked, her eyes squinting the tiniest bit.

The elated mood Nathan had washed away. "I don't know. Maybe in a few weeks from now," Nathan replied coldly.

Although there were a lot of unsaid words between them, Nathan knew his mother very well, just as Daisy knew her son well. They had a lot of feelings that couldn't be hidden from each other.

After some more catching up, Daisy was about to leave. Nathan escorted her to the elevator.

When Daisy arrived at the 16th floor, the elevator door opened, and in came Damian.

Damian was in a tailored black suit, making him look sharp and especially handsome. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes when he walked into the elevator and saw Daisy.

"Auntie, why are you here?" Damian greeted. There was a humble smile on his handsome face.

A smile appeared on Daisy's face. She was really happy to see her nephew, and she had always adored him.

"I'm here to check on Nathan. He hasn't been home for a while now," Daisy said with a sigh, her eyes showing a hint of sadness.

"Are you free today, Aunt? Let me buy you coffee or something," Damian said with an irresistibly gentle smile.

"Yeah, okay

ow all grown up. He doesn't want to tell some things to his mother," Daisy said as a self-mocking smile flickered across her delicate and elegant face.

With that, Damian didn't say anything more. After all, he had seen through Nathan's game. At that moment, a meaningful smile appeared on his face. 'This game is getting more and more interesting!' Damian thought inwardly.

After work, Nathan came to the JR Hospital to pick up Mandy.

"Can you tell me why you hate your uncle?" Mandy asked Nathan, looking up at him with a confused look on her face. She thought that a nephew and his uncle should be close friends.

Nathan focused on driving, looking rather gloomy. His eyes were glued to the road as his lips slightly pursed.

"Mand… Do you know what kind of person I hate the most?" Nathan did not answer her question directly but instead asked a question of his own in reply. His deep and restrained eyes slightly squinted, revealing a mysterious expression.

Hearing that, Mandy didn't readily reply. Instead, she thought about it over and over, wondering whether Nathan was testing her or not. She had been with him for a month, and therefore, really didn't know what kind of person he hated most. With this, she could only guess.

"Um… Hypocritical, cunning, and insidious people?" Mandy had no choice but to put forward traits that were universally hated by almost everyone.

Luckily, the kind of person she described was just what Nathan felt the most disgust towards.

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