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   Chapter 161 You Have Fallen In Love With Her

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The crowd outside must've felt that the devil was coming down the elevator. They all stopped themselves from going in, staring at each other as if daring one of them to enter.

"Nathan, you're so bossy." Mandy giggled, slapping his chest playfully.

"I missed you so much!" His eyes bored down into hers. As he was finished, he gave her a lingering kiss, his arms wrapping around her waist.

"Stop it," she murmured under him, smiling. "We're in the hospital."

Nathan let out a low chuckle before waving her off, sending her to the Cardiology Department.

Fred was waiting for Nathan at the gates of JR Hospital. When he finally got into the car, Fred started the engine.

Nathan had never before had a woman around him for this long, nor had he ever had a woman tag along with him to work. Though he had multiple girlfriends in the past, they had never lasted long. He never even loved them in the first place. Mandy was different.

Nathan lowered his head, staring into the window. The sunlight shone through the car, and it highlighted his jawline.

"Mr. Jin, you seem a little strange." There was a trace of worry on Fred's face. 'Back then, Nathan had started this because he wanted to get back at Mandy. Now...He has definitely fallen in love with her, ' he thought.

"What's wrong?" Nathan basked himself under the warmth of the sun.

"Are you serious about your relationship with Miss Zhou?" Fred asked with a stern look.

"What do you think?" It was as if everything had shifted in Nathan's expression. His solemn look brightened as his lips quirked up at the mention of Mandy. There was a glint in eyes that wouldn't go away.

"You have!" Fred accused with certainty.

He chuckled, unaffected by Fred's accusation. "Really?"

The more wistful Nathan was, the more worried Fred started to feel. Love can truly make a man drunk with desire.

"Mr. Jin, Miss Zhou's a kind person. Whatever happened in the past, it wasn't her fault." Fred spoke on

wife, Sue Pan. After the incident, the two families have been very close. The very thing Henry wanted was for them to finally unite legally.

"Okay." Nathan resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he massaged his forehead.

"Take Eve with you. Your grandfather has always liked the girl," Daisy added.

Nathan bit his lips, eyes twitching with annoyance. As much as he wanted to please his mother, he truly didn't want to spend the night with Eve. He just couldn't bear her.

"Mom, tell Grandpa to give it up. I'm not marrying Eve," Nathan said harshly.

"Tell him yourself," Daisy snapped back. Somehow, it could be seen where Nathan had gotten his coldness.

Half a century ago, Henry Jin was the most powerful man in City A. Even if he was old and grey now, he still had a lot of friends across the city, from the mayor himself to old and respected gang members in the underworld. Henry Jin was a very easy-going man, and everyone respected him.

"All right," Nathan said in a displeased tone.

Daisy stared at him for a long time, relieved that he didn't push the subject further. He had always been a filial grandson, never one to displease his grandparents. No matter how disappointed or disgruntled he was over the matter, he'd only complain verbally. He wasn't the type who'd go against them.

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