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   Chapter 160 The Consequences Of Hurting You

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Nathan did not worry about gossip at all. Besides, he had already met Mandy's parents. And they had nothing to hide since they had made their relationship public already.

At that time, however, he had heard their conversation at the door. Soon enough, he couldn't take their chatter anymore, so he came in to help Mandy.

"I hope you take back what you just said. It's unfair that you're slinging mud at Mandy. You have to pay the price for what you said," Nathan warned Angelina. Nathan's dark eyes projected malice and coldness. His mood gave off a fierce vibe, filling the air.

Angelina was speechless as she bit her lips. 'Is Mandy one of Nathan's women? How ironic?' Angelina thought.

The office was weirdly quiet. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Mandy, Angelina, and Nathan. All the people wanted to know what kind drama would ensue next.

Angelina had been working at JR Hospital for quite a long time already. Everyone saw her as the old fox. Most of the new nurses didn't like her because Angelina had always been arrogant. She would bully people inferior to her.

"Now, you can't say a word?" Nathan taunted as he squinted his eyes to make him look more terrifying.

"Nathan, Let it go," Mandy said. She tried to stop Nathan, thinking that the conversation might not be appropriate. After all, Angelina was her colleague, and Mandy didn't want to mess with her.

But Nathan didn't think so. When Mandy walked up to him, he embraced her in his arms and arrogantly smirked. "Look, Angelina, she is my girlfriend. Be polite when you talk to her," he said.

The corners of Mandy's mouth twitched. She thought that Nathan was being too intimidating. After what he said, who else would talk to her in the future?

The office was filled with unspeakable silence.

"Apologize to Mand now," Nathan demanded with his eyes flaring. Angelina had humiliated his woman. He would not let this go easily.

Trembling with fear, Angelina clenched her ha


"Nathan..." Mandy said as she held Nathan's hand. She was suddenly afraid of Nathan. He could get people killed by just saying that he wanted them killed.

Mandy felt merciful towards those three men. It was better to die instantly than to live their lives paralyzed. Nathan was a really ruthless person.

When Nathan saw Mandy looking scared, he immediately said, "Mand, just stay with me, and I will never hurt you. Just be obedient, okay?" While Nathan was saying, his gaze turned to something outside the window.

"What? I'm always obedient!" Mandy retorted.

"Don't say that. You scare me when you're too deliberate," Nathan said.

"I'm not scary compared to a big devil like you," Mandy answered back.

"Mand, I wouldn't let anyone hurt you, even your family. Whoever dared to hurt you would pay the absolute price," Nathan seriously said.

Mandy was stunned for a moment, but before she could say anything else, Nathan kissed her on the lips. Mandy found Nathan both gentle and assertive. It was so usual for Nathan to be like that.

The elevator stopped on the 20th floor.

Someone was about to come in, but they saw Mandy and Nathan kissing passionately.

Nathan cast a grim stare at them. When Mandy shamefully hid behind his back, Nathan shouted angrily, "Get out of here!"

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