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   Chapter 159 Mandy Is My Lover

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After the meeting was over, Jayleen went straight to Mandy's office. She looked at Mandy with a worried expression and said, "Mand, what did you do to make Angelina upset?" "I saw her with a sullen face, and she broke the glass in the bathroom just now."

"Nothing serious. During a meeting, the Dean asked me to recommend a person to go to Switzerland. I recommended Jamie, not her. She was embarrassed and went mad," Mandy said with a silly smile on her face as she played with the pen in her hand.

In the past, Mandy didn't mind her. She didn't care about how bad Angelina treated her, but when it came to Nana, she gave a dam.

For Tina, it was not a big deal to have requested Angelina to find Mandy in the emergency room, but Angelina had unexpectedly become indifferent.

"That's ridiculous. She can't control her temper, no matter how old she is. I think she will suffer from isolation sooner or later given her personality," Jayleen shook her head and sighed. Angelina and she had known each other for a long time, but Angelina had always treated others coldly, which gave people the impression that she was hard to get along with.

"It doesn't matter. I didn't consider personal matters when I was choosing the person. I just did it for the sake of our hospital. Angelina had failed in three of her operations last month. Until now, the families of the patients are still struggling." A sardonic smile appeared on the corner of Mandy's mouth.

As the old saying goes, "A new broom sweeps clean." As a new broom, Mandy was very busy. As the director, she couldn't ignore the complaints of the patients' families. She had to talk with Angelina later.

"Yes, compared with Angelina, Jamie is much more steady. He has performed so many operations, and he has never failed," Jayleen said as a compliment.

"Yes, Jamie is like a diamond. Right now, he is doing a series of difficult surgical operations as a polishing process, and later, he will shine in his own time when he is ready."

If Mandy would quit the job in the future, Jamie would be able to replace her as the director.

When they were having a nice chat, Angelina came in with a sullen face. Mandy sighed and said to Jayleen, "I need to talk to Angelina now. Please go about your day." She pa

th her eyes wide open. She was just as angry as Angelina. Although she was still young, she couldn't allow others to bully her as they liked.

'It's enough! I don't need to tolerate this!' Mandy thought to herself.

"Do you think you are someone with authority just because you are the director now?"

"Yes, I do. I'm your superior," Mandy answered with a teasing smile.

Angelina was too angry to say anything, so she began to slander Mandy.

"I don't know how you got the position. You are too young. Who gave you the right to be the director of the Cardiology Department?" How old are you? Did you get it because you are forced to make out with someone rich?" With arms akimbo, Angelina looked at Mandy with contempt. She thought there must be something fishy about Mandy being a director.

Seeing that they quarreled with each other so fiercely, everyone in the office was shocked, and nobody dared to come forward to stop them.

Suddenly, they heard a masculine voice from the door. The voice was pleasant, but it was mixed with a hint of anger.

"She is my lover, my girlfriend. What's wrong with that?" Nathan's low and elegant voice cut through the crowd abruptly. Everyone turned around.

Only Mandy was astonished to see Nathan here. At about two o'clock in the afternoon, he should be busy working at JS International.

Angelina was stunned when she heard Nathan's declaration. She stared at Nathan's handsome face, and she ran out of words. Her face depicted disbelief and bewilderment.

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