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   Chapter 158 You Are More Important Than Me

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"My silly daughter..." Madeline said, her voice choked with emotion. With sympathy in her eyes, she held Mandy tightly. "Mand, the day I hit you at the company...I'm sorry. It was my fault. I was just worried about you. If you didn't tell me anything, I would be very sad. I feel like such a useless mother," she said.

"No, Mom. I just don't want you to worry about me," Mandy replied as she shook her head. She didn't mean for her mother to feel avoided and despised.

"My silly daughter, it's getting late already. You better go home now," Madeline said. She noticed Mandy's eyes were getting watery. "Don't cry. You don't want your eyes to get swollen," she continued. At that moment, Madeline finally backed off. From the bottom of her heart, all she wanted was for Mandy to be truly happy.

Mandy went to the bathroom to wash her face. When she came out, her eyes were still red.

In the open-top Aston Martin

The night was a bit cold, and the air felt stuffy. Mandy touched the amulet around her neck and immediately felt her heart getting warmer.

Nathan noticed the amulet around Mandy's neck when he saw her. He opted not to ask about it in front of the Zhou family.

When they got in the car, Nathan finally asked Mandy about the necklace. "What are you wearing around your neck?" he asked with a smile.

Nathan had too much to drink tonight, so he had asked Mandy to drive them home.

"It's an amulet. My mother gave it to me," Mandy answered. She took out a yellow bag from her handbag and took the amulet off.

She held the amulet close to her eyes. She saw that there was a pile of paper runes and a coin. Although it was just superstition, it was still a very precious gift.

Mandy hung the amulet on the rear view mirror in front of her.

"Can I hang it here, Nathan?" Mandy asked as she took a deep breath.

"Of course, you can. But why do you want to hang it in my car? It was a gift for you, not me," Nathan asked. Sometimes, Nathan found it difficult to understand a girl's mind.


re Mandy to choose from her peers. Donald was the surgeon chosen to go. The other representative should come from the heart department, but no one else was really qualified except for Mandy.

"How about Jamie? He majored in cardiology. I think he has the wisdom necessary for this project," Mandy said.

Mandy didn't want to recommend Angelina. When Fiona was kidnapped, Tina came to Angelina first, but Angelina had snubbed Tina that day.

Doctors should be willing to help others. A prideful person like Angelina disgusted Mandy very much.

Angelina couldn't believe Mandy. First, she refused the offer. Then, Mandy didn't nominate her. With her temper rising, she balled her fists and gritted her teeth as she glared at Mandy.

'I am the vice director! Am I less skilled than an in-patient doctor?

Why did Mandy recommend Jamie?' Angelina thought to herself. Jamie was even younger and less experienced than Angelina.

The dean was satisfied with Mandy's recommendation. He believed that Mandy had an eye for talent and potential. After all, Jamie was a mature and humorous young man.

"Well, that settles it! Dr. Yang and Dr. Xiao will go to Switzerland on behalf of JR Hospital! I wish both of them the best of luck and hope that they return here safely so that we could honor them!" the dean said. He stood up and laughed heartily.

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