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   Chapter 157 Amulet

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But Madeline had never cared about money. As long as her daughter could have a promising future, marry an excellent man, and live a happy life, she thought her years of devotion to her daughter were well worth it.

Now, Mandy had found herself a very excellent boyfriend, but Madeline began to worry about her future marriage. She had always been unwilling to let Mandy marry into a rich family.

Rich families were not as good as they seemed to be. On the contrary, under the glamorous appearance of these rich and powerful families, there were a great number of risks and hidden troubles.

The Zhou Group earned more than 30 million dollars per year recently, which was as much as JS International's daily revenue. Therefore, when compared with the JS International, the Zhou Group's income was almost a drop in the bucket. Madeline worried that her daughter would be unable to withstand the pressure of public opinion after she married Nathan. Besides, she knew little about the Jin Family. The Jin Family was from the upper class, while their family only belonged to the middle class.

As she tried to recall Nathan's face, Madeline knew she had met him before, but could not recall where exactly.

"Mand, are you familiar with Nathan?" Madeline asked abruptly.

After peeling the shrimp on her plate, Mandy put on a bright smile and replied, "Oh, yes. I'm quite familiar with him."

"No. I mean do you think he looks familiar? I seem to have seen him somewhere, but I just can't remember where."

"That's quite normal. Nathan has always been on magazines or reported on in the newspapers," Mandy explained light-heartedly. She thought her mother must have seen Nathan on some magazine once or twice.

Unconvinced, Madeline shook her head. Fragments of memory began to surge up in her mind. Over the past few years, her memory had become worse and worse, and she could hardly remember previous events, no matter how important they were.

As they ate dinner together, Stanley spoke very highly of Nathan. Both of them talked cheerfully with each other and often laughed from time to time.

"Listen to me, Madeline. Nathan's chess skills are so good that I almost lost to him!" Stanley said happily and took a sip of wine from the glass with a smile.

Madeline forced a slight smile. "Well... How do you know he didn't deliberately lose the chess game to

l Nathan about this, for fear that he would get angry.

"This is the amulet I got from the temple. It can keep you safe. Just put it around your neck whenever you go outside." Madeline took out a yellow amulet from the box and looked at Mandy lovingly, her eyes filled with emotion.

"Mom... You should keep this. I'm fine," Mandy said in a faint voice. She couldn't help feeling sad. Tears were starting to form in her eyes, making her want to cry out.

"Don't be silly. I bought this for you. I have one for myself." Madeline touched Mandy's hands and felt that she had lost some weight recently. With a sigh, she felt so sorry for her daughter.

Mandy's eyes were filled with tears at this point, handicapping her sight. The entire room in front of her gradually blurred. She couldn't even clearly see the deep sorrow in Madeline's eyes.

She raised her hand and wiped the tears from her eyes. But more tears just kept coming out.

Madeline was a bit superstitious. Recently, sometime in the middle of July, there was a celebration called the Ghost Festival. She thought it was the best time to go to the temple to ask for an amulet. On that day, she got up at six in the morning and drove alone to the temple to listen to the monk chanting scriptures. For nearly five hours, she kept kneeling on the ground as the monk read the scriptures before he finally agreed to give her the amulet.

"Mom..." Mandy was so touched that she couldn't say a word. She was so excited and moved that she jumped into Madeline's arms, tears rolling down her cheek one after the other.

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