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   Chapter 156 How Did You Get To Know Each Other

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"Yes, I have, but look at what you just said. I have nothing better than you." Mandy lowered her head, feeling ashamed. She was studying her doctor's degree and hoped to have the same educational background as Nathan's in the future.

She had always idolized Nathan. She would sometimes silently watch him, hoping that she would also get to his level and stand side by side with him under the sun.

At the MC Garden

When Mandy and Nathan reached home, Fiona was eager to open the door.

Fiona was standing in front of Nathan and Mandy, wearing a cartoon nightdress and sucking on a lollipop.

"Sister... Well..." She looked quizzical. "You... Why are you here together?" Fiona asked, looking back and forth between Mandy and Nathan. She had been watching TV the whole afternoon and had no idea that Mandy and Nathan would come back for dinner.

A small smile appeared on Mandy's beautiful face, but her heart was racing in her chest. "My mother asked us to come back."

Fiona frowned and waved her hand. "It's not me. I didn't say anything," she whispered.

Mandy reached out her hand and touched Fiona's head before smiling. "Silly girl, I believe you."

Nathan had brought five big bags of snacks, and Fiona couldn't help but notice it. Her face broke into a wide grin. "Wow! You've brought a lot of snacks for me. Put them down. It looks like they are heavy."

"Where do you want us to put these?" Nathan asked like a gentleman. They were at Mandy's house, and he had to be the best version of himself.

"Anywhere, it doesn't matter." Mandy shrugged casually. Her family was nothing out of the ordinary. They were simple people who weren't particular about food.

Nathan looked around, observing the decorations at Mandy's house. Although European furniture wasn't extravagant, it was warm and cozy. They made people feel at home.

Stanley and Madeline stepped towards them together. Madeline had walked out, wearing an apron as she was busy cooking food for them.

"Daddy, Mommy."

"Hello, uncle. H

Who is this friend that introduced you to him?" Madeline didn't believe Mandy's words. However, her fear for her daughter had overtaken her anger. She was worried about Mandy.

"Mom, I'll talk to you about it later. The dishes are going to be overcooked. Let's concentrate on cooking now," Mandy said, trying to change the topic.

Madeline didn't want to force her daughter as she wasn't ready to talk about it either. Mandy was a mature woman now. And Madeline regretted what she had done. Madeline had been strict with Mandy when she was a little child and had forced her to do things that she didn't like. Madeline felt that Mandy had slowly moved away from her because of that. Mandy was always respectful to her but rarely talked to her about what was going on in her mind.

"Alright." Madeline sighed and began stirring the food.

Although Madeline was a strict mother, she had sacrificed her life for Mandy. Mandy loved playing the piano, and she had allowed her to take up piano lessons, which had cost her a lot of money. Mandy had been getting better at playing piano with every passing day, and her fees were getting more and more expensive. When she was in high school, a piano lesson had cost eight hundred dollars. Sometimes, she had three piano lessons a day, and it had cost more than two thousand, which was not easy for them.

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