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   Chapter 155 A Mother-In-Law Wants To See Her Son-In-Law

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"Hello, Mom!" Mandy said as she smiled and curled up in Nathan's arms.

"Where are you, Mand?" Madeline asked as she rubbed her temples with one hand and covered her eyes with the other hand.

"I… I'm outside," Mandy answered.

"How about you come for dinner tonight? Nana asked you to buy some snacks for her," Madeline asked over the phone.

"Okay!" Mandy said excitedly.

"You can invite Nathan over too," Madeline said.

"Mom… No… I…" Mandy stammered. Mandy didn't know what to say. Besides, she didn't have time to talk longer on the phone. She hung up the phone.

Nathan couldn't paint what was happening with Mandy's expressions. The look on her face made Nathan's heart beat so fast.

"What's wrong, Mand?" Nathan asked as he worried.

"My mother asked me to have dinner with her tonight. And she asked me to invite you," Mandy stuttered.

"Really? So it's time to meet the parents, huh?" Nathan happily said. He wasn't worried at all.

Nathan thought it would be a great idea. After visiting Mandy's parents, he could take Mandy to visit his parents as well. He believed that his parents would like Mandy very much.

"Nathan… I have to warn you that my mother is very strict and overbearing," Mandy said. Seeing Nathan's excitement, Mandy felt rude to scare Nathan like that, but she felt that she needed to warn Nathan about her mother. She was afraid that Nathan wouldn't like it if her mother said something rude or inappropriate.

"Don't worry about me. I'm sure your mother will like me," Nathan confidently said. He wasn't even a tiny bit worried.

"Then let's go. I need to go to the supermarket first," Mandy said. Seeing Nathan so confident relieved her worries.

They walked out of the villa with their finger interlocked. "Mr. Jin, Ms. Zhou, are you going out now?" Lillian asked as she held a basket of vegetables in her hand. She had just come back from the market.

you," Mandy said, believing that her parents wouldn't easily accept Nathan as their son-in-law.

As for her parents, they were honest and didn't like to bear grudges. Mandy also worried that her parents might think that the Jin family was too rich for them. Her parents might worry that they would be the target of gossip.

"Believe me, Mand. As long as we love each other, we can go through anything together!" Nathan said, raising his eyebrows. He believed that nothing in the world could possible affect their relationship.

"Nathan… The truth is... I always feel that I don't deserve you. You are so excellent, but I…" Mandy said. Nathan immediately interrupted what Mandy was saying.

"Don't say such things again! Everyone deserves true love! I'm sure your parents know that as well," Nathan insisted.

"But our families are so different from each other," Mandy argued. She furrowed her eyebrows and felt very uneasy. Why was she so nervous when they would just be visiting her own parents?

"Love is not measured with money. If someone measures love with money, it's not called love. What is it that you claim to be different? Background? Position? Money? Educational background? What?" Nathan questioned. The seriousness in Nathan's eyes moved Mandy deeply.

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