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   Chapter 154 A Big Secret

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As soon as he finished his speech, the whole room fell into silence.

It was so quiet that the sound of the clock ticking echoed throughout the hallways.

The tension was suffocating them as the pause endured.

No one ever dared ask Nathan these types of questions. Though Mandy had always been curious about the issue, she had never asked him about it. She had only assumed that she wasn't the first woman who had visited his home. After all, he was Nathan–one of the most handsome and richest bachelors of City A, and it would be unbelievable to think that women wouldn't pounce on him as soon as they caught his eye.

"The fourteenth day of July in 2016," Nathan answered casually.

It was the Lover's Day this year–or known as a Silver Day–an honorary day when couples would exchange their promise rings. The moment the answer left his lips, Nacy's expression turned even more quizzical.

Mandy furrowed her eyebrows as she registered the answer he had given.

That was the same day when she and Nathan were at the hotel.

Was that his first time?

It was unbelievable!

Mandy could feel Nathan's gaze burning at the back of her head, and she flushed dark red. Awkwardness replaced the tension in the air as the silence resumed.

Nacy and Simon shared a look, trying their best to interpret what had happened.

"Your first time was on July 14th? Just back in July?" Simon sputtered out. One look from Nathan, and it all started to fall together.

That was the big secret?

There was a weird burst of laughter across the room, with some not knowing how to react. Mandy chuckled as she tried to get rid of the awkwardness that was seeping into her.

Nacy and Simon were the complete opposite. They laughed so hard that they fell to the ground in a fit.

Who would have thought that Nathan was so innocent? If Nacy would go out and shout it out in public, no one would believe it. Nathan was always believed to be a playboy, with girls coming in from any City to try and bed him. In a way, that was pitiful. For such an innocent boy, he'd always been misunderstood.

Nathan coug

d always be an indispensable part of one's life, but the past is what it is–it already happened. There was no need to dwell on it.

"Our encounter must be a God given gift." The smile on Nathan's face was determined and confident.

He had been searching for Mandy all these years, but he just couldn't find her. It was only on Silver Day when he got himself drunk in the bar that he happened to meet her by chance. It was as if the fates had been playing tricks on him.

Mandy had thought that she wouldn't get into a second relationship so soon after breaking up with her first, but she just couldn't restrain herself from Nathan. Time was no object, and the two of them fell in love before the both of them knew it. In fact, as she looked back, they'd always cared for each other even from the beginning.

It was not until she met Nathan that she began to believe in love at first sight.

When they were about to kiss, Mandy's phone rang suddenly.

Nathan sighed, pulling away. It seemed that he had to ask her to turn her phone off when they were at home. For Mandy's sake, he had always set his phone on silent mode, knowing if he didn't, he'd probably get loads of phone calls at once. Only when Mandy was taking a shower or busy with her work, he'd use the time to check his phone for any updates. But Mandy's phone rang every few minutes as if she was the President of the United States.

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