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   Chapter 153 Don't Be A Jerk

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"Who among us four, looks likely to be short of money?" Simon looked helpless and pointed at the three of them.

"Me! I am the poorest one here," Mandy said since she always had a clear estimate of her net worth.

"Miss Zhou, that is ridiculous! Don't claim that you are low on cash. Your man has a large sum of money to be at your disposal. How can you be the poorest one here? I am truly the poorest one here, okay?" Simon felt emotional as he thought, 'Why doesn't Mandy know how blessed she is?'

"Yes, gambling with money is boring. It is not fun," Nacy curled her lips and answered. As if 'not fun' was written on her face.

"Then you tell me, what should we gamble for?" Mandy sighed discreetly while rolling her two big eyes.

"I suggest that if you lose the game, you need to take off your clothes," Simon suggested teasingly. He displayed a playful smile on his lips.

Nacy threw a pillow that she had been holding and directly hit his head. "Simon, stop being naughty."

"Nacy, are you forgetting that I am still your elder brother?" Simon rubbed his forehead in pain and shouted angrily.

"It is not a good idea to take off clothes. Nacy and I are both women. It is not fair for us. Besides, it is summer now. We only wear one piece of clothing."

"How about…if you lose, you can ask your man to take off his clothes on your behalf?" Simon asked as he raised his eyebrows with a mischievous smile.

Nathan was silent in his seat. He didn't like the idea either and became impatient. He said in a cold voice, "All right. That is enough."

Seeing the subtle change in Nathan's mood, Simon put away his playful expression and said, "Well, how about the one who loses will be obliged to answer a question truthfully? The winners will take turns to ask the loser a question."

"Okay!" the three of them agreed.

At the beginning of the first round, Simon won the bid for the landlord position. He held powerful cards that could overwhelm Mandy. She did not have many chances to fight back. It was Nathan and Nacy who tried their best to check

h and shabby question, and Simon would get back at him.

"Ha-ha..." "Who told you to let her win? Now you'll get what you asked for!" Simon said sarcastically with a smile.

Nathan's expression was dark. He was fearless in the face of danger. He would like to see what funny questions Simon would ask.

"Mand, you won the game. You should ask the first question," Nacy reminded her with smile.

Mandy pursed her lips and didn't know what to ask for a while. It seemed that she didn't have much to ask Nathan. They had been staying together for so long that they almost had no secrets.

"Um... What is your favorite fruit?" Mandy paused for a few seconds and asked Nathan.

"Watermelon," Nathan answered immediately.

"What food do you like best?" Nacy asked with smile.


Simon couldn't help but feel a little sad. He was truly an outsider, after all. When Mandy and Nacy asked him the question, they always asked him vicious questions. But when they asked Nathan, they asked him superficial questions. It was obvious that they did not want to make things difficult for Nathan.

Fortunately, he could also ask Nathan a question. Thinking of this, Simon snickered, and he suddenly felt vengeful.

"When was your first time? Tell me the exact day when you had it." Simon's eyes were as deep as the sea, and his handsome face was full of wickedness.

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