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   Chapter 152 Quit Your Daydreaming

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Of course, Nathan knew of Justin's blind date with Mandy Zhou. It was just that he couldn't care less if he did or didn't. "So what? What does a blind date prove?"

"It proves that her parents prefer me. Otherwise, they wouldn't have pushed us into going on a blind date," Justin said slowly as if he was explaining basic mathematics to a two-year-old.

"Though it is great you feel so confident, I'd advise you to stop daydreaming." Nathan snorted.

Justin laughed darkly.

His laugh was so weird that Mandy couldn't help but look at him warily. Had he told her parents of her living arrangements with Nathan? Were they already aware of what was happening? If that was the case, then the man was truly desperate and despicable.

As Nathan was about to leave with Mandy, Justin suddenly grabbed her arm.

She winced at the sudden grip.

"Justin, let go of me." Mandy glared, tugging her arm only for him to grip it even tighter.

Nathan then lost all control of himself and punched Justin right in the face.

There wasn't any time for him to dodge it. Justin stumbled back from the blow, releasing his grip on Mandy's arm as he clutched his face, fingers grazing around the blood that trickled from his lips.

"Is that the way the Jin Family treats people?" Justin mocked.

The Jin Family was a very omnipotent group among the legal and illegal streets of City A. However, the relationship between the Jin Family and the underworld had been dwindling these days due to little interaction. Now, only a small connection between them remained.

"I treat people the way they deserve." The veins on Nathan's forehead popped out as he clenched his fists. How dare Justin pulled this stunt in front of him? Was he wishing for a death threat?

"You think you could gamble with me in Vegas in three days?" Justin scoffed, his voice purposely provoking him. He sneered. This was his last hope. Justin heard how Nathan hammered a deal on that land through his relationships with the higher-ups. The Lin Group had also paid a great deal as a deposit for th

ind more people to join us! It is not a big deal. I know you're not that smart, but I'm starting to think that your IQ may affect my excellent genes."

"Nathan Jin!" Mandy scowled, irritated.

"All right, Honey. Let's just go home and grab something to eat."

In the morning sun, Nathan and Mandy interlocked their fingers and returned to the villa.

At noon, Nathan asked Nacy and Simon to join them in playing the landlord card. The four had lunch together. Out of hunger, Nacy devoured the food on her plate, regardless of the way she looked.

Simon, on the other hand, ate as graceful as ever. With a cruel smile on his face, he said, "Miss Zhou if Nathan ever bullies you, just tell me. I'll help you beat him."

Raising his head, the look in Nathan's eyes was horrifying.

Mandy responded with a laugh. She was sure that Nathan couldn't find it in himself to bully her now. They were falling further into each other every day. Ever since they started to be together, he had gradually changed his usual indifference towards her.

After a good lunch, the four started to play the game of landlord card.

A sinister glint flashed in Simon's eyes. He smirked. "Let's make a deal first. What should the loser do?"

"The loser hands out money. What else can it be?" Mandy said. It was gambling. Of course, money would be involved in it one way or the other.

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