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   Chapter 151 Good morning, Ms. Zhou!

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Nathan and Mandy went out for a morning jog along the Old Bund of City A. Mandy was surprised to see that a lot of people jogged here in the morning.

Before Nathan, Mandy would always jog alone. Fiona always liked to sleep late until ten o'clock in the morning. This was the first time Mandy had jogged again since she came back from abroad.

"Nathan, is it usually crowded here?" Mandy asked, titling her head.

"I'm not sure. I don't come here often," Nathan answered.

Mandy realized that Nathan would be too busy at work to jog every morning. But now that they had each other, they could go anywhere they liked without being lonely.

"I'm feeling exhausted, Nathan. Slow down," Mandy complained. After jogging for a while, Mandy was already out of breath. Nathan, on the other hand, was breathing steadily.

Nathan stopped and wiped Mandy's sweat off her forehead. He smiled at her dearly.

Their public display of affection made the other people around them feel envious. Most of the people jogging there were single.

"Let's walk for a while," Nathan said with his deep and pleasant voice. He smiled at her even more and took her hand.

Mandy nodded her head. While walking, she asked Nathan, "Do you play any sports?"

"Yes, I used to run in both the three-kilometers and one-kilometer marathons," Nathan answered.

"Really? You like running?" Mandy asked, admiring Nathan. She had hated running ever since she was little.

"Not really. Our school just required the students to participate in sports events. I was good at all of them, so I chose the one the other students didn't want," Nathan said. His usual bragging face couldn't be seen anymore.

Mandy was speechless.

"You are two years older than me, right? Why didn't I see you in school then?" Mandy asked suspiciously. In truth, she had no idea Nathan existed before they had met each other

his face. He looked like he was mocking Justin.

"Yes, we meet again, Mr. Jin," Justin greeted. He took off his peaked cap and raked a hand through his graceful hair. He was smiling elegantly.

"If possible... I really don't want to see you at all," Nathan said. His tone was harsh as his eyes raged with fury.

The Lin Group and JS International were fighting for a piece of land. They had been fighting for the shares for a long time. Neither of them wanted to share the land. In terms of strength, the Lin Group had no chance to rival JS International. However, the Lin Group was secretly controlling the stock market. They did something illegal in order to bloat up the Lin Group's stock price. Now, more and more people were buying shares from the Lin Group.

Nathan had already asked Fred to investigate the situation. Once he found evidence that Alex was involved in a stock market scam, he would force the Lin Group to shut down their company.

If they chose to work against JS International, Nathan would not hesitate to destroy the Lin Group.

"Mr. Jin, I've already dated the woman you're with. She was my blind date," Justin said. He shrugged and pretended to be calm about it, even though his eyes were shining with excitement.

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