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   Chapter 150 I Missed You

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"Humph! I don't care. Once I become rich, I will be with my favorite swimmer and touch his six-pack abs every single day."

"Go to sleep now," Mandy said as she tried to hold back her laugh.

"Sister, does your boyfriend also have muscles?" Fiona asked. All of a sudden, Fiona thought about Nathan. He was always talked about in school. Besides, she had already met him a few days ago. Although he wore a suit then, Fiona still thought that he was in good shape.

"Well, he has a nice figure," Mandy said, thinking about Nathan's body. As she said this, Mandy couldn't help but smile with satisfaction.

It was already late, but the two girls continued to chat with each other.

At No. 520, Haibin Road

It was Saturday, and both Nathan and Mandy were up early. When Mandy came back home early in the morning, Nathan had already gotten up.

The air was especially fresh this Saturday morning. The sun had not yet risen, and a wind slightly breezed in the air. The air smelled like verbena in the villa's courtyard. There was still morning dew on the grass.

Mandy quietly walked into the villa on her toes. She thought Nathan was still asleep, and she wanted to surprise him.

However, she suddenly saw a familiar figure in the garden house.

Nathan's tall and strong figure faced Mandy. His neck was slightly tilted as the violin rested on his shoulder. He was playing the violin so gracefully.

Each note was beautiful, just like the sound of nature. This song was so familiar to Mandy. It was the famous "Canon."

When Mandy was still in high school, she liked playing "Canon." It was a simple song, but Mandy had a difficult time playing it. Nathan played the music in his own way to make it sound more unique. At a brisk rhythm, each note was a beat faster, making the song sound easy to play.


een grass with their fingers interlocked. Everything looked beautiful and harmonious.

"Okay," Nathan replied. He did everything Mandy wanted to do.

After putting the violin away, Nathan and Mandy changed into their sportswear. Mandy made sure that she and Nathan had matching outfits.

There were more than ten sets of sportswear in the wardrobe. Mandy chose the one similar to what Nathan was wearing.

Noticing that Mandy matched his outfit, he looked at Mandy from head to toe with his passionate eyes. "Did you peep at me while I was changing?"

"No, it's you who peeped at me," Mandy answered him. Although she denied it with a smile, she stretched her arms out and wrapped them around Nathan's arm.

In the past, Mandy always thought that she would be a strong-willed and independent woman. She didn't expect that she would be very clingy until she met Nathan.

Realizing this, Mandy felt strange.

Nathan also noticed some changes in him. Before Mandy became his girlfriend, he knew that he was a womanizer. He was always surrounded by all kinds of women and lived a luxurious life. It was not until he met Mandy that he began to realize that he could be wholeheartedly devoted to one woman.

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