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   Chapter 149 Happiness

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Everything seemed to return to peace with the fall of night, especially after such a long, exhilarating day. Luckily, they survived the ordeal. And in other words, it had finally ended.

Nathan slowly stretched out his hand and silently kneaded his temple. He felt a little depressed when Mandy told him that she wanted to stay with her younger sister tonight. He fully understood where she was coming from, but he had become used to living with her, so it would be a long, lonely night for him now that she was not around.

"Okay," Nathan slightly frowned as he agreed, and there was a faint trace of worry that appeared in his eyes.

"So, good night, Nathan," Mandy said in a low voice. While at the same time, she cast a glance at Fiona, who had already closed her eyes. Mandy felt the rock on her mind had finally been removed after seeing her sister sound and safe with her.

And she couldn't keep her mind from wandering. Before she met Nathan, she had been living such a quiet life, which made the days living with him quite dramatic by comparison. One accident took place after another, and it was more than she could bear. She had no idea what Nathan was thinking, but she felt not only tired but exhausted. Maybe it was all because they came from two different worlds.

"Good night." The corner of Nathan's mouth twitched slightly, and like Mandy, his mind was also overwhelmed with so many thoughts.

After the call, Mandy took her sister to a shopping mall for a meal and then bought her a new set of clothes to dress her up. They didn't dare to go back to MC Garden until they were both dressed up well and looked like nothing different from the morning.

To ensure their safety, Fred escorted the two sisters until they entered the community. He then left with his heart at rest.

Mandy and Fiona looked hesitant as they quietly opened the door in order not to wake up their mother. But right after they switched on the lights, they were surprised to find Madeline lying asleep on the sofa. And what was worst, their mother abruptly stirred up from her sleep because of the bright lights.

"Where have you two been? Why do you come back so late?" she inquired sleepily. Then she carefully stood up from the sofa and eased her way to her daughters. She had been worried about the two not answering their phones earlier when she had called them several times.

Mandy hurriedly approached Madeline. To ease her mother's worries, she cracked a smile as she put her hands around her mother's shoulders. And she gently replied, "Oh, we went to the cinema and muted our phones. Sorry to let you worry about us. Mom, you should go to bed!"

"Right, if only I knew you two were safe and sound. Don't do it again! I promise I'll freak out next time!" Madeline warned with a smile. The moment she saw them, she instantly put her heart at rest. She felt relief wash over her.

"Sorry, Mom. It won't happen again. That is a promise!" Mandy assured her with a weird and awkward expression plastered on her face.

As luck would have it, Madeline

essed me the most, he said that today's waiting is for meeting a better person in the future. I guess it's the truth!" Fiona murmured, more to herself than to her elder sister. She looked hopeful to the bright future waiting ahead when saying those words as if she was vividly dreaming about it. Several boys in Fiona's class had asked her out, but she didn't like any of them. She thought that they were just boys, and she preferred men who could take care of her and who would make her feel safe. She was more mature than her peers!

Mandy raised her red lips and beamed, "Bruce has expended much care and thought on you!!

"He's so dedicated, Mand. If you were not with Nathan, I would like Mr. Xu to go out with you. He's a nice man," Fiona confided in a tone laced with pity. That was only her simple wish. Although she was more mature than other girls in terms of perception, she was still an innocent girl and knew nothing about love.

Mandy smiled and tucked the quilt over her shoulder. "Fiona, love is not something to be trifled with. When you fall in love with someone one day, you will find that no one is willing to compromise in love, although no one knows what will happen in the future," Mandy described.

"But we know it at first sight. It's like magic," Fiona insisted, giggling.

Hearing Fiona's words, Mandy instantly squinted her eyes. She sensed something dangerous. Turning to her side, she raised her head a little to look at Fiona and demanded, "Do you ever feel that feeling? Tell me! I don't want to miss a single thing."

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Stop it, Sis! I like Ning Zetao. He's the best swimming sportsman ever! I'm so obsessed with his abdominal muscles, and his good-looking face, and I'll marry him–if I can!" Fiona rolled on the bed happily, and she trembled with joy as she burst out laughing!

Mandy slightly shook her head with a relieved expression and kept a distance from her sister. "Silly girl, I believe that there are many girls who want to marry him. You can wait in line now! Be patient!"

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