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   Chapter 148 How Dare You Threaten My Woman

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"Nathan, I don't know what you are talking about." Eve pouted and glared at him, pretending to be innocent.

She couldn't believe that Nathan would fall out with her because of Mandy. After all, their families had been so close for generations now. Nathan wouldn't really get mad at her because of that.

"Eve, don't play stupid. Are you happy that I invited you to the hotel today?" Nathan pursed his thin lips, with a usual coldness on his handsome face. His dark piercing eyes were so penetrating as if meticulously reading her mind.

This kind of gaze made Eve feel very scared. It sent her signals Nathan was really mad, and she would not want the consequences.

Nathan had always been kind to her, and he had never been like this. Now he turned to be a stranger to Eve...Because of Mandy.

Shaking all over, Eve pressed her lips together. Then she saw Nathan's expressionless face turned angry. Apparently he was controlling his emotions not to be violent.

It seemed that Nathan had known all about it. After all, he was not easy to deceive; and considering his power, he could easily get any information he wanted. She realized she was up against a wall.

"Nathan, you..." She stopped nervously for the words in her head were leaving like cowardly rebels. "Why did you say that? Did I do something wrong?" Eve pretended to be innocent with tears in her eyes. She brought out her handkerchief to make it more dramatic. She was trying to appeal to Nathan's pity, but he was not buying it.

He shook his head with a look of disgust on his face. "Don't play dumb.

Are you not aware of what you have done? Yesterday you threatened Mandy, and I decided to let you go. Today you even kidnapped her sister and took indecent photos of the innocent young girl. Eve, do you even have a conscience? What were you thinking?" The handsome face of Nathan turned unreadable, which gave her a feeling of coldness.

"Nathan... I... I..." Eve bit her lips nervously, almost trembling. She was unable to think clearly and say anything because she knew her

ned that Eve wouldn't let her go so easily.

"Mand, I'm so hungry." Fiona raised her head. Her face was dirty and messed up, but her eyes were sparkling like stars. The girl's effort to appear strong hurt Mandy's heart.

'How could she not be afraid? This must have been so traumatic, ' Mandy thought sadly.

"Okay, let's go have some dinner," Mandy replied. They then left the warehouse, with Mandy holding Fiona in her arm.

When they were out, Fiona saw two rows of bodyguards in black suits standing outside the warehouse. They looked like the hooligans who kidnapped her. She got scared, but then she noticed that these bodyguards were much more professional than the three hooligans.

'How come Mandy knows these people?' Fiona thought. She guessed that it must be Nathan who used his connections. As for why she was kidnapped, she had her own speculations, but she didn't say it out loud.

After getting inside the car, Mandy called Nathan.

"Nathan," Mandy said in a tired voice. She was really exhausted tonight.

When he heard Mandy's voice, the gloomy look on Nathan's face instantly disappeared. He said gently, "Yes, I'm here."

"I found Nana. I'm not coming back tonight. I want to stay with Nana. I hope you understand." Mandy lowered her head to kiss Fiona's hair. Her sister's head was resting on her shoulder while Fred drove the car.

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