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   Chapter 147 You Are My Woman

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"I'd advise that you don't play any tricks on me. If you call the police or tell Nathan, I will spread some indecent photos of your sister. You should know the power of the Internet," Eve blackmailed.

The atmosphere felt very ominous. Mandy felt as if someone was strangling her throat. She couldn't calm down even a bit.

"Then how can I be sure that my sister is really safe?" Mandy asked, and her voice was almost breaking.

"The sooner you break up with Nathan, the safer your sister will be." Eve coldly laughed. She felt deeply satisfied with her evil doings.

The previous day, Mandy had really pissed her off. Today, she had finally claimed victory over her.

"You bitch!" Mandy shouted as she trembled with anger. Her face started to get really pale.

Suddenly, Eve hung up the phone.

Tina felt uneasy seeing how angry Mandy was. She walked towards Mandy and asked, "How's Nana?"

"Tina, I'll handle it myself. You can go home now," Mandy replied without looking at Tina. After a while, Mandy finally calmed herself down. She knew Tina was just a kid, and there was nothing she could offer to help.

"Mandy, please let me know as soon as Nana is finally safe," Tina said as she bit her lip.

"Sure, don't worry," Mandy reassured Fiona's best friend.

As soon as Tina left, Mandy went to her office to get her stuff and went straight to JS International.

After thinking about it more, Mandy was unsure whether this would be the last of Eve's evil antics. She worried about what Eve would do next. She really needed Nathan's help. Mandy reassured herself that Eve would never dare lay a finger on her sister. After all, it was a crime.

When Mandy arrived at JS International, Nathan was shocked to see Mandy's face so pale like that.

Mandy was wearing a long beige dress. The hemline of her dress gracefully swung to her sid

long time.

When Eve came into the room, she threw herself into Nathan's arms like a koala. She was overjoyed with the thought that Nathan finally invited her to stay with him at a hotel.

Things could definitely go down in a hotel room. After tonight, Eve thought that she would finally be Nathan's woman. She assumed that Nathan was in a bad mood because Mandy had broken up with him.

Even though she was not Nathan's first choice, she still felt happy to have a chance now to be Nathan's woman.

"Nathan, why did you ask me to come to the hotel today?" Eve said. Her eyes looked enchanting. She tried to seduce Nathan by caressing his chest with her slender fingers.

Nathan felt a little annoyed with Eve's tricks. If only Mandy would seduce him like this, Nathan would be very happy.

"Isn't this what you've always wanted?" Nathan sneered. Eve felt suspicious with what Nathan had just said.

'Is he being sarcastic?' she thought. Eve looked at Nathan with disbelief. 'Is he mocking me?' Eve wondered even more.

She started to feel embarrassed and stopped touching Nathan's chest. Feeling suspicious, Eve didn't know whether she should continue seducing Nathan or not. 'Did Mandy tell Nathan everything?' she thought.

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