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   Chapter 146 Why Did You Kidnap My Sister

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"Thank you, Abelard," Claire said gratefully.

Abelard went outside the factory with his men. They sat by the ruins outside and smoked some cigarettes.

While smoking, one of Abelard's men said, "I think the girl over there looks quite pretty."

"Don't even think about it. It's against the law," Abelard said seriously, giving him a light smack on the back of his head.

Both of them laughed in a sinister manner. "She looks like she's still in high school. I bet she's still a virgin. I haven't been with a virgin for a long time," the man said insidiously with an evil smile on his face.

"Thanks for you service, by the way. You two can take the money and go now. Don't even think about doing anything to that girl," Abelard said. He took sixty thousand dollars from his pocket and gave his men thirty thousand each.

The men were both thankful that Abelard gave them that much money. "Thank you, brother," they both said.

"Mommy, let's take the photos as quickly as possible," Eve said. She took her cellphone out of her bag. She had been waiting for this moment for quite some time now.

Claire crouched down and helped Eve take off all of Fiona's clothing, leaving her only in her underwear.

Eve took some photos of Fiona with her mobile phone. She took about thirty photos.

As she put her cell phone aside, Eve started to feel uneasy. She turned around and looked at her mother. "What should we do now?" she asked in an anxious voice.

"First, let's leave this place. Then you call Mandy," Claire said with a cold voice.

"Can we really leave this girl alone? What if anything worse happens to her?" Eve said, looking around. They were in the middle of a foreboding place. Even if Fiona regained consciousness, it would be hard for her to get out of there safely. Eve just wanted to blackmail Mandy with Fiona's indecent photos. But she didn't want to physically harm Fiona.

"We don't have to think about that

Eve laughed Mandy's threat off and said, "You can tell him if you want. I don't care."

Unable to think of what else to do, Mandy stared blankly at the wall and pleaded, "Tell me what you want to free my sister."

"It's simple. Leave Nathan," Eve said, her red lips curved in a strange and sinister way.

What Eve had done was really uncalled for!

Mandy really hated being blackmailed. But at that moment, what she wanted was for Nana to be safe. Fiona was in Eve's hands. If she did something that Eve didn't like, something bad would probably happen to Fiona, and she would regret it all her life.

"Okay, I promise, I'll leave Nathan. Just let Fiona go first," Mandy anxiously said. She couldn't calm down anymore. She loved her sister dearly. It was so wrong of Eve to hurt Fiona because of their personal problems.

Eve was suspicious when Mandy agreed instantly. With an apathetic voice, she said, "Wow... You were so fast in making your decision that I don't believe you at all. I'll give you two days. You better break up with Nathan as soon as possible, or else your sister will disappear from this world."

"Let me hear Nana talk. So that I know that she's still safe," Mandy demanded. She had no choice but to comply with Eve's wishes if she wanted Fiona to be safe.

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