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   Chapter 144 It Must Be Done Quickly

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Around that neighborhood, ordinary people wouldn't drive so fast. So out of curiosity, Fiona glanced at the minibus.

She noticed that three men in black I-vests swiftly jumped out of the silvery minibus. And it seemed they were making their way towards her location. In the front was a crew-cut young man, followed by two guys with yellow hair. They all looked as though they were gangsters in a movie.

Feeling a little uneasy, Fiona felt her mouth was dry, but she managed to murmur in a trembling voice. She quickly averted her gaze and didn't dare to look at the three young men.

"Something is happening, Tina. I see three young men who look like hooligans," Fiona said in barely a whisper over the phone as she quickened her pace.

"What?" Tina was confused. "Nana, didn't you go downstairs to dump your trash? How could there be hooligans? Is the public security of your neighborhood so bad?" Tina asked in perplexity over the phone.

"I really don't know." Fiona was so nervous that there was a faint tremor in her voice. As luck would have it, at that moment, the three young men were still far away from her, so they couldn't hear what she was saying.

Fiona discreetly looked around and found that there was no one else in the neighborhood at noon, as the sun was high in the sky! Damn it! She couldn't help cursing inwardly as her heart was rapidly racing in her chest.

At full speed, the three young men in black I-vests ran over to Fiona, straight off!

Startled, her eyes flew wide open, and she felt numb for a moment. But Fiona quickly regained her senses and tried to run away as fast as she could. But how could she, a weak woman, run faster than three hooligans?

A few seconds later, the crew-cut hooligan grabbed Fiona's arm, and she tried to wiggle free, hoping to shake off the hurtful grip of the thug. At that moment of hard struggle, the earphones fell from her ears. The three hooligans didn't notice the earphones at all, so they hurriedly took her to the minibus.

Fiona struggled desperately but felt powerless to resist with her hands and feet. What's more, the sun was so hot that she almost passed out. Panic was now engulfing her, but she willfully talked herself out to stay collected.

hen she called me at noon. I'm telling the truth!" Tina blurted out as she was getting frantic.

Hearing her words, Cassie licked her lips in disbelief. 'Kidnapping? It's lunch time! It's impossible! Seriously, this girl came here to cause some trouble!' She thought to herself as she forced a smile.

"My little sister, have you finished your summer vacation homework? If Dr. Zhou's sister had been kidnapped, you should call the police right now!" Cassie jested. It was apparent, she didn't believe Tina's words.

"I'm telling the truth. I'm a student of the No. 1 High School and a good friend of Dr. Zhou's sister. I swear that I'm not lying to you. If this is all a lie, then you could call the police and have me arrested!" Tina insisted as she stared at Cassie with a determined look. She was hoping against hope that the nurse would believe her because time was running, and she was worried about Fiona.

The expression on Tina's young face was so serious. Cassie wavered a little, and with a frown, Cassie offered, "Dr. Zhou is in the operating theater. Even if she has urgent news, we will let her finish the surgery first."

"What should we do now?" Tina whimpered. With tears streaming down her face, she collapsed to the ground. Nana was her best friend. Nana must be saved!

"Well, come with me to the operating room. I'm afraid you'll have to wait outside. But first, you need to tell me your name," Cassie remarked as she assured Tina and assisted her to her feet.

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