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   Chapter 143 I Don't Believe That I Can't Deal With You

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"Eve, you should know that if you're thirsty, you can not only eat watermelon but also drink water. Don't be too hardheaded." Shaun sighed helplessly. His daughter was spoiled, so she was so stubborn now.

"Dad, I only want Nathan. I know there are many fishes in the sea, but I just want him. What did he see in Mandy?" Eve acted like a child. "What made her special to Nathan?" she continued to ask.

"Maybe... She is very good in bed," Claire speculated. The door of the study room was pushed open by Claire. She came in with two glasses of hot milk in her hands, wearing a smile on her lips.

Eve glared fiercely at her. 'How dare this rubbish woman eavesdrop so shamelessly?' Eve thought angrily.

Claire was Eve's stepmother, and Eve looked down on her. She had no right to speak at all in the family. Eve had tried to drive her away several times but failed.

Claire and Shaun didn't have a child. As a consolation to herself, Eve believed that she still held the throne as the only princess in their household, so she didn't make much trouble for them. And when they were in public, she wore the great facade as a respectful child addressing her as "Mom," but if there were no other people, she would be impolite and cold towards Claire.

"Shut up!" Eve could not be angrier. Now Claire even dared to talk to Eve. How weak she was now.

"Eve, don't be so anxious. I'm doing this for your own good. If you want to win Nathan's heart, you must learn to manage your anger. With his status, all kinds of women would flock around him. For now, you're only dealing with Mandy, and you've already lost your temper. What would you do in the future?" Claire pretended to be sincere, but actually she was just playing to win her trust.

Looking at the two of them, Shaun thought they should have a more common interest to discuss. He straightened up and walked out of the room.

"Tell me, what should I do now?" Eve glanced at Claire and suddenly realized that Claire's words mad

ith a smile, "Well, we will be a real family in the future. Thank you, Mommy."

After their conversation about their evil plan, Eve leaned back on the sofa and clenched her fists. She cursed Mandy in her mind, 'Mandy, I can't deal with you? Watch and see.'

The following day

Fiona stayed in the MC Garden until the afternoon.

She went downstairs in a good mood and took out the trash before the sun set.

She was talking to Tina using her earphones. The students' holiday life was pretty boring. Due to the hot weather, they also did not want to go outdoors under the scorching sun.

"Tina, I saw a wonderful movie last night. It's called 'A Gift In Room Seven.' I almost cried the entire movie." Fiona walked to the trash bin and wiped her forehead, which was flooded with sweat, using her right hand. She was carrying two bags of trash.

"Really? I'll see it today," Tina replied on the other end of the line. She was lying down on her sofa while watching TV with a bowl of plum candies on her tummy.

"Yeah, it's very good. Prepare your napkin," Fiona warned with a laugh. With a bright smile, Fiona opened the cover of the trash bin and threw the two bags in.

When she was about to go back upstairs, she was bewildered and heard a minibus whistling past. And the sudden braking made a terrible noise.

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