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   Chapter 142 Never To Leave Me (Part Two)

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"Silly girl, why are you so sentimental? But I do feel sad for her. Pity, she has no family left. That's why I asked her to come and look after you," Nathan explained.

"Right, I really feel sorry for her, and I will be nicer to her from now on," Mandy promised.

"Don't overthink. There're too many lonely and poor people in this world, and you can't take care of all of them," Nathan replied and gently put her on the bed, sweeping away her hair with a smile.

"Oh, I've got another question. How about uncle Fred? Has he ever married?" Mandy asked and waited for Nathan's answer. She got a feeling that Fred was living all by himself too.

Nathan scratched her nose and shook his head before replying, "Uncle Fred is single too. He used to serve in the special forces but started working in our family after he was discharged from the army. He has watched me grow up. They said that his lover died many years ago, and he loved her so much that he did not find interest nor time to find another woman to share his life with."

Mandy looked straight into Nathan's eyes when he was talking, and her heart ached along with the sadness in his eyes. She couldn't imagine how to live her days if the loved ones of her life were gone.

It was the cruelest thing in this world. She doubted whether she could make it if it happened to her.

"Nathan, may I ask? What will you do if I die? I mean, no one knows, right?" She didn't know why she suddenly got the impulse to ask the weird question, but of the blue, she was expecting Nathan to reply.

The smile on Nathan's face suddenly disappeared. His eyes darkened, and he shouted angrily, "Drop that stupid idea from your head. You will not die!"

"Don't be silly.

. He hoped that it was not too late for him to drag his crazy daughter back to reality.

"Eve, you can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink," he persuaded. Then he leaned back to the couch and focused on his smoking again. He puffed several cigarettes, and in the haze, he looked sad and lonely.

"Right! Maybe I can't make him drink, but at least I can take him there, and he'll be near me! I'm fine with that," Eve contradicted. Her good-looking face was tinged with hatred. She had never hated anyone that much before, but from now on, she would keep this lesson in her mind, and Mandy was marked as a thorn in her eyes.

Actually, she didn't expect Nathan to be honest with her. Previously, when Nathan went out with Narissa, she didn't give a damn and never felt threatened. Narrisa was just an actress who relied on Nathan's influence to become famous. When he was tired of her, he could get over her overnight. But Mandy was different. After confronting Mandy earlier today, she was more terrified than before. Mandy was the apple of Nathan's eye, and they were both madly in love with each other. Eve felt doomed.

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