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   Chapter 141 Never To Leave Me (Part One)

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The sky was covered with twilight shades of orange, red, brown, and black. Gradually, the darkness of night covered the remaining glint of sunlight as stars and the moon started to appear in the sky. Each of the houses on the street lit their light one after another. It was more like a ritual, which all these glamorous homes standing straight on Haibin Road followed.

In residence No. 520, Haibin Road, dinner had just wrapped up.

Nathan frantically grabbed Mandy's hand like a child and led her to a room on the third floor. Mandy couldn't believe what her eyes saw. She didn't expect it and was left astounded to find a KTV inside the house.

It came as a big surprise to her considering the fact that she had been living here for such a long time now. This thing was revealed to her as a secret. It was the first time that she recognized there was karaoke in Nathan's mansion. At first, she wrinkled her forehead in bewilderment but then smiled when she realized how Nathan valued his work-life balance. He was undeniably a hardworking businessman, but it was wonderful to know that he took his hobbies seriously as well, making sure he spent time enjoying his personal life too.

A second later, Lillian tapped on the door with utter sophistication and brought them a tray of fruits arranged skillfully. Mandy politely invited her to stay with them after she carefully placed the tray on the side table. "Would you like to stay here and have some fun with us? It's so boring to only have only two people here!" Mandy offered with a hopeful voice.

Lillian was surprised at Mandy's candid invitation, and it left her tongue-tied. With such an immense feeling, her face turned pale as she had never thought to receive such an invitation in her wildest dreams. It was apparently foolish to accept this invitation as she would interrupt the privacy of the couple, par

ely ending her life. However, when she finally met Mandy, she had felt that God was more generous to her than she had ever imagined.

The days she spent living at No. 520, Haibin Road made Lillian feel the attachment of home again, which she had thought would never happen again in this lifetime. Every evening, she would prepare the dinner right in time before Nathan and Mandy got home, and then she would wait for them by the gate as if she was expecting her own kids. As a matter of fact, she regarded them as her own kids and took good care of them with her whole heart.

Happy times always slipped quickly. As the night grew late, Mandy said she was a little sleepy, so Nathan picked her up in his arms without any hesitation, striding to the door.

Nathan acted as if they were alone in the room. But Mandy sobered up immediately as she spotted Lillian's teasing smile. Mandy's face flushed, and she buried her head into Nathan's broad shoulders.

"Nathan, don't you think that Lillian is sort of lonely? I felt emotional when she was singing. Actually, it was so sad that I even wanted to cry along!" Mandy muttered as they descended the stairs. She was sensitive and able to notice any subtle fluctuation of people's mood around her.

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