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   Chapter 140 The Adorable Side Of President Jin

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After Mandy left, Eve was so enraged that she stomped her foot on the floor with extreme force. She almost dropped the coffee cup on the ground!

On her way back to the hospital, Mandy's brain was in a great mess while she studied the patient case that Jayleen had handed over to her.

"Jamie, please come here for a second! I need your assistance," Mandy said to Jamie, who was sitting not so far from her.

When Jamie was about to just dip down into deep sleep, he was thrilled to hear that Mandy was asking him to come over. He briskly walked over to her office table and asked graciously, "Director, how can I help?"

"Would you please help me to study this case in detail?" Mandy asked, rubbing her forehead with one hand as if she had a severe migraine.

Just on the second day of her promotion, and she had encountered such a crucial dilemma. How could she not be dejected?

They both had an out-and-out debate about the case. Jamie stated, "The patient had a heart transplant surgery over ten years ago. Now with the ten-year deadline coming to an end, it is reasonable to see the patient having heart failure. Significantly, the patient is too old to undergo and survive another operation now."

"I do agree with your reasoning. But when I studied abroad, I heard of a case similar to this. A specialist in Switzerland had performed such an operation. The second heart transplant surgery was dangerous, but the patient could live for another ten years if the surgery was successful."

"I still recommend applying a conventional treatment." Jamie swayed his head, feeling that it was not appropriate. After all, the operation was too risky, with an over 80% failure rate. He was not ready to play such a big gamble.

Such a terrible situation of "if or else" was explained transparently–why no doctors were willing to perform such an operation.

Mandy responded with determination, "I will perform the operation, and you will be my assistant. Do you have any objection?"

"Director! Don't you want to ponder over your decision for once?" Jamie replied worriedly.

This operation was very critical for Mandy. She had just been promoted to the post of the director of the department. If the first operation she performed failed, it wouldn't be hard to imagine the consequences. Mandy's reputation was at stake, and just a slight mistake could cost her prestige a lot. As for the stigma, people who knew nothing about the situation would only assume that it was the doctor's fault. Nobody would ever take her side and consider the patient's own fa

rny even right now! Is your cycle over?" Nathan was brutally honest with Mandy. There were a lot of women, such as Eve, Narissa, and so on, waiting in a line to plead for his love, dying for his mere attention. Yet, he gave not even a damn about all these ladies. All he wanted was just Mandy!

"Not yet! It doesn't end so fast." Mandy gazed at him as she figured out. 'Why do men think about these kinds of things every day?'

"If you still haven't gotten over it soon, I'm going to find Eve." Nathan giggled as he spoke. There was a hint of elegance on his angular face, which gleamed on his facial angles.

"Huh! How dare you! If you go out and find another woman, I will also find another man immediately. Tit for tat!" Mandy retorted, not to be outdone.

Nathan braked abruptly and parked the car by the roadside immediately. His face, which was full of joy and laughter a second ago, darkened instantly.

He approached her slowly and stared at her with his deep and sharp eyes. "Mandy, if you dare to go outside to find another man, I will break your legs."

"I... I won't. I was just kidding!" Mandy stammered nervously, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Don't make such a joke ever again! I am warning you. I don't like it. A woman should safeguard her chastity." The next second, Nathan recovered to normal. He pulled his hand up and caressed Mandy's head gently while kissing her on the forehead.

Mandy once heard the proverb 'To be in the king's company is tantamount to living with a tiger.' Never had she known she would live through this saying in her real life. At this moment, she had realized that she had to be careful and could not just say anything in front of Nathan.

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