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   Chapter 139 Why Does Nathan Fancy You So Much

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Thinking that Jayleen was worried for her, Mandy tapped her hand and said, "Thanks for that. I'll check it and see."

When Mandy arrived at the Italian restaurant, Eve was already there, sitting calmly and sipping on a cup of coffee.

'Was Eve waiting for me the whole time?' Mandy thought as a cold smile appeared on her face.

Eve was trying hard to get Mandy into some kind of trouble.

Once she sat down, Mandy rubbed her empty stomach and browsed through the menu on the table. She immediately called a waiter and started ordering.

Eve was not hungry, so she didn't order anything. She started feeling suspicious about Mandy. 'Why is she acting like nothing happened? Isn't she nervous at all?' Eve thought to herself.

"That's all," Mandy said to the waiter. She had ordered a big meal for herself. Then, she turned her head to Eve. She could see a trace of contempt in Eve's eyes. Eve really hated Mandy.

As for Mandy, she was not giving Eve any compassionate looks either. When Eve was about to say something, Mandy quickly said, "Miss Su, please don't talk to me right now. Wait until I finish my meal. I'm really hungry."

"I really don't know why Nathan would fancy a woman like you," Eve said. Mandy could see a touch of jealousy appear on Eve's face. The way Eve said that was mean and full of discontent.

Mandy didn't answer Eve. She just quietly waited for her meal to arrive.

After finishing her meal, Mandy rubbed her stomach. She then looked into Eve's eyes without fear. She gracefully smiled at her and said, "Let's start the conversation."

"Tell me your price. How much does it cost for you to leave him?" Eve offered. She was smiling and didn't waste any time getting straight to the point.

Eve's offer made Mandy laugh inside, even though she felt very uncomfortable. It wasn't even Mandy who begged Nathan to be with her. Nathan was the one who kept pestering her. She couldn't believe that others thought that she was the one pestering N

him?" Mandy said. She slowly put her hand near her orange juice. If ever Eve dared to splash her coffee on her, she would not hesitate to do the same to her.

Eve became so angry that her face turned red. No one had ever talked to her like that before. Mandy was really a tough person to deal with.

Although she was really angry at Mandy, she didn't want to do anything bad to her. After all, Mandy was Nathan's girlfriend. If she did something wrong to Mandy, Nathan might turn against her. That wouldn't be worth it for Eve. She wouldn't want to break her friendship with Nathan just to hurt this woman.

Noticing that Eve had nothing more to say, Mandy waved to the waiter and said, "Waiter, bill please!" She was relieved to have said the last word.

"Ma'am, it's 567 in total," the waiter said.

In the list, Mandy found out that Eve's coffee was also charged to her bill. She didn't mind it at all. She took out six hundred form her wallet, handed it to the waiter, and said with a smile, "Keep the change."

While biting her lips, Eve stared at Mandy with angry eyes. Mandy smiled and stood up. "I've paid for your coffee," Mandy said in a condescending tone.

Eve didn't want Mandy to do her any favors. Having her pay for her coffee made her really mad. She grumbled to herself, 'What an evil woman!'

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