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   Chapter 137 They Were Caught While Dating

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Nathan patted Eve on her shoulder and said, "Don't worry. I won't do that again."

Eve stood up reluctantly. Nathan had checked his watch. His gestures told her that he was going to see her off. Instead of waiting for him to say goodbye, she decided to go first. At least, she saved some of her pride.

"Nathan, I'll go ahead," Eve smiled at him.

Nathan simply nodded and said, "Okay."

Eve tiptoed and put her arms around his neck. Then she kissed him on his left cheek.

In fact, Eve wanted to kiss Nathan's lips. She had tried once, but Nathan refused because he said that he didn't like kissing.

Indeed, Nathan just didn't like to kiss Eve, but he definitely loved to kiss Mandy.

For Nathan, giving kisses depended on whether he loved the woman or not.

After Eve left, Nathan made faces with a hint of disgust. He quickly walked into the bathroom and washed his face.

A cool Lamborghini was parked in the hospital's underground parking lot.

As soon as Mandy got in the car, Nathan swooped her up like a hungry wolf, making her very shy.

His kisses fell on her lips. They were so possessive that he didn't want to part from her. Nathan had been in love with a girl before, but he had never made out with her. Mandy was his first one.

"Well…" "I can hardly breath, Nathan." Mandy was almost suffocated by the kisses. She gasped for air, filling her chest.

Nathan released her slowly. He put his fingers on her face. The kisses made her blush, which Nathan found cute.

"Try swimming. It will help you," Nathan said with a teasing smile.

"I can swim, but I can only do backstroke."

"Why are you so silly?" Nathan reached out his hand to tap her head gently.

"I'm not silly at all. I swam very fast at that time!"

"What year?" Nathan challenged. "Miss Zhou, please tell me how long it has been."

"When I was admitted as a high school student, I took the exam, ha-ha..." Mandy answered as if she

e, so she decided to bribe her.

"Actually, not yet," she answered in a straightforward manner. With a cunning smile, Fiona rolled her eyes and turned to Nathan.

She often saw Nathan's photos online. She often exclaimed that she wanted to marry a handsome and outstanding man like him in the future. Nathan graduated from the No. 1 High School as well. His photos were stuck on the wall of celebrities. He was greatly admired by these students as an inspiration.

Seeing Nathan and her sister holding each other's hands, Fiona was so shocked and excited.

The four of them continued to walk, looking for a place to eat. Finally, they found a high-end steak restaurant for dinner. Thanks to Mandy, Fiona and Tina had an expensive meal.

Nathan sat next to Mandy, while Fiona and Tina sat opposite them.

The atmosphere around their table was awkward. Looking at Fiona's face, Mandy felt like she had been caught for doing something wrong.

"Nana, let me introduce you to each other. This is Nathan, my boyfriend," Mandy said nervously with a smile.

Mandy wouldn't have made their relationship known to her family so early if they hadn't been caught by Fiona.

"Hello, Nathan, nice to meet you," Fiona greeted Nathan in a polite manner.

"Hello, Nana." Nathan smiled back.

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