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   Chapter 136 I Miss You So Much, Nathan!

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On that day, Eve was wearing a tight light yellow skirt and had a white handbag in her hand. Her thick and wavy hair flowed all over her shoulders, and her delicate face looked perfect with her light makeup. Above all, her pink lips made her look very seductive.

"Nathan, I happened to pass by JS International this afternoon when I went shopping. I had the urge to visit you," Eve said, her soft voice resonating in Nathan's office. Her voice made it sound as if Nathan was hiding a secret lover in his office.

After bringing Nathan and Eve their cups of coffee, Mary wasted no time making her way out of the office. Mary didn't like Eve because she always thought of Eve as someone who was very entitled. Coming from a rich and powerful family, Eve never really held back at letting others know that she was. Also, she was very mean to everyone. Despite this, she would always act sweet and respectful in front of Nathan. But, in front of Mary and Nathan's other secretaries, Eve never even smiled!

"The weather's really hot, isn't it? Aren't you worried of having a heatstroke?" Nathan asked. At the moment, the smile on his face looked so tender.

"It's an indoor shopping mall, so I'll be fine," Eve answered as she leaned closer to Nathan with a flirty look on her face. She deliberately revealed her plump breast. In truth, Eve hadn't even gone shopping. She just made that up as an excuse to visit him.

"What brings you here?" Nathan asked, even though he had a clue about the reason Eve really came.

"Nathan, I just miss you so much. Am I not allowed to come over and see you?" Eve replied, smiling. Her thin white fingers held Nathan's hands.

"Sure, why not? You are always welcome!" Nathan answered as he put his arm around Eve's beautifully smooth shoulders.

Sensing that Nathan didn't hold back, Eve felt more complacent. She slid her soft body further into Nathan's arms, buried her head in his chest, and listened to his rhythmic heartbeat.

"Do you miss me, Nathan?" Eve asked in her enchanting voice. Her fingers caressed Nathan's face.

But, Nathan didn't like women who were easy to get. It would be

e, your father is also a businessman. He must have taught you that profit is all that is important. Once in the corporate world, nothing is more important than profit," Nathan said. He made himself the victim and won Eve's sympathy.

"I'm sorry, Nathan. I shouldn't have been suspicious in the first place," Eve apologized once more.

"It's okay, Eve. I don't mind," Nathan said, shaking his head.

Eve's mood suddenly lightened when Nathan accepted her apology. She clung onto Nathan's arm and asked, "Nathan, will you have dinner with me tonight?"

Nathan took a glance at the Patek Philippe watch on his wrist. An hour had already passed since Eve dropped by unexpectedly.

"I have a meeting tonight. Another day, perhaps," Nathan coldly replied.

Eve raised her head, and her face projected utmost disappointment. Nathan was always like this. He would always turn down Eve's dinner invitations.

It was almost a norm that men would treat women to dinner. But when it came to Eve and Nathan, Eve was always the one inviting Nathan to dinner. She could see in Nathan's eyes that she meant nothing to him. All this time, Eve had known this, and she just couldn't admit it to herself.

Eve's body felt weak. She bit her lips to calm herself down. In a fascinating and quiet voice, she said to Nathan, "Well, don't forget that you owe me a lot of dinner dates already! Please, don't eat your words this time."

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