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   Chapter 135 The One In Front Of Me Is My Love

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"Ha-ha, why do you think of her? Now let's see if anyone dares not to listen to you. I depend on you to protect me in the future." Jamie's bright eyes were still as he was immersed in deep thoughts.

Initially, Mandy had been the vice director of the department, while he was the residency doctor, which was a position inferior to hers. But now, Mandy had become the director, creating a gigantic gap between their designations. Jamie didn't think that he was good enough for her.

"Yes, Mand, the more awesome you are at work, the more people will look at you. There will be more people who are jealous of you. So you should work harder," Jayleen said sincerely and cheered for Mandy's success.

Mandy nodded in agreement. That was the only thing that was going on in her mind. She had to work harder to win the respect of others. She didn't want to be looked down upon by others. She knew that there were people who hadn't accepted her wholeheartedly. But all she could do for now was to ignore their cold eyes and focus on her life.

During their lunch break, Mandy and Cassie went to the canteen to have lunch together. Many doctors walked up to her and congratulated Mandy on her achievement.

"Doctor Zhou, oh, no, I should call you Director Zhou now." Allen walked towards Mandy with a dish in his hands. He was grinning broadly, and his smile lit up his entire face.

"Thank you." Mandy smiled.

The news of Mandy's promotion as the head of the Cardiology Department had traveled faster than she had expected.

"Doctor Zhou, don't feel pressurized. You will get used to it eventually." Allen sat next to Mandy. The sincere smile on his face made him look more handsome.

Cassie was aware that Allen had also liked Mandy, but as he was in the Anesthesiology Department, he couldn't meet her often, except during the times he would team up with her during surgeries. Allen would always perform in the surgeries that Mandy was in charge of.

"Okay, I'll try my best," Mandy said as she grabbed her cell phone and saw a WeChat message from Nathan. Her face broke into a happy grin.

Nathan had asked what she was having for lunch. So she clicked a picture of her meal and sent it to him.

"Why are you blushing? Do you have a boyfriend?" Allen hadn't taken his eyes off Mandy. His heart was raci

ie's gaze and smiled at her. The hot cup of coffee's warmth seeped into her body, and the thought of Nathan warmed her soul.

"Well, Mand, it's all good as long as you are happy. And I want you to remember that no matter what happens, I will always be your best sister and support all your decisions." Cassie firmly held Mandy's hand and gave a reassuring smile.

Friendship was a complex thing. It brought two people together. Everyone was sweet at the beginning, but only time would tell if a person was good or bad, because time never lies.

Time is the best healer. It would leave its traces on your face, and erase the scars in your heart, and help you start over. One shouldn't be afraid of a new start because new journeys lead to new destinations.

At JS International

"Mr. Jin, Miss Su is here," said Mary, snapping her head to look at Nathan. Mary was Nathan's chief secretary and was given the full privilege to decide whom she wanted Nathan to meet. If it were any other woman, Mary would have stopped her from meeting Nathan. But the woman who wanted to meet him was indeed special.

"Yes." A lazy voice came from the enormous office. Nathan parted his eyes from the document that he was engrossed in and looked at her.

Mary was older than Nathan and wasn't interested in him. But she couldn't resist herself from looking at him when he was engrossed in his work. He was incredibly attractive when he was busy. A small gesture such as lifting his head to look at her, like he did now, would make her stomach flutter.

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