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   Chapter 134 Promotion To The Director

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Nathan admired his parents' marriage very much. Their love had never faded through time. That was the reason why he moved out of their house. He was a grown man already, and his parents needed personal space. Every time he saw his parents displayed their love in public, he felt uncomfortable and tried to ignore it.

But now, everything was different. Nathan was able to ask Mandy to display their love in front of other people.

In the JR Hospital, Mandy walked into the office as usual.

She found that all the doctors and nurses were waiting, and everyone was wearing a serious face. The usually cheerful greetings were gone.

'I haven't seen them for only a few days, and lots have changed already?' Mandy thought to herself. For some time, Mandy was confused.

"Hello, Doctor Mandy Zhou," Everyone greeted Mandy in unison.

"Hello, everyone! I haven't seen you for a few days. Did you miss me?" Mandy joked, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"Ahem!" Jamie clenched his fist as he feigned a cough, trying to remind Mandy of something.

Mandy knew his gesture was a warning. She turned around and saw Tyler, the Dean of the hospital, was coming in.

"Good morning, sir!" the crowd exclaimed in unison again, including Mandy this time.

"Everyone, please follow me to the meeting room. The Nursing supervisor will come, too. The other nurses will stay here." Tyler looked at Mandy with a genuine smile on his face.

The atmosphere was uneasy, and the meeting room was filled with tension.

There was no memo about it, so they assumed it was an emergency meeting. Tyler was sitting in the main chair while everyone was waiting for him to start the meeting.

"Harry, unfortunately, had a stroke last night, and I'm afraid the news has reached the public already. We have to choose a new director. What do you say?" he said in a serious tone. Tyler swept his gaze as the crowd stared at him silently. They had no idea, so they waited for his announcement. They would agree to whatever he said.

"We all agree with you," Angelina replied excitedly.

Angelina was the vice director of the Cardiology Department of the JR Hospital. She was in her thirties. She used to be an excellent student, and she was the vice director of another group in the Cardiology Department. Generally speaking, the relationship between Mandy and Angelina was not that bad, but n

directly related to salary. The annual salary of the director was twice that of the vice director, so many people were vying for the position.

With a cold glance at Mandy, Angelina said nothing. She thought that after Mandy joined the hospital, she had been stealing people's attention. There were only three female doctors in the Cardiology Department. Before Mandy arrived, she was the most excellent one. Now that Mandy was here, people had almost forgotten about her.

Those male doctors always stayed around Mandy, making her jealous.

"Doctor Zhou, don't try to refuse anymore. My decision is final. You're now the new Director. This is an order. Meeting dismissed." Tyler was also a very clever person. He definitely had a hidden agenda. If he let Mandy be the director of the Cardiology, he reckoned that Nathan would invest a huge sum of money in the JR Hospital.

When the meeting was over, both Jamie and Jayleen quietly rushed to Mandy. One of them put their left hand on Mandy's shoulders and the other on the right.

"You're rich now!" Jamie said with a sense of humor.

"You're awesome, Mand. No one in the Cardiology Department can bully you now." Jayleen tried to boost her spirit. She felt happy for Mandy because she had always considered Mandy as her daughter and treated her very well.

"Didn't you see how Angelina looked at me just now? My happy days are coming to an end," Mandy frowned and said dejectedly.

'The relationship between colleagues was so complicated. Someone is jealous of me, but I couldn't blame her, ' thought Mandy to herself.

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