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   Chapter 133 Going Back To Work

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The next day, early in the morning when Mandy was still sleeping, her phone rang.

"I loved you so deeply that I dare not contact you anymore. Neither do I not look back. It was hard for me to force a smile..." Mandy stretched her arms out of the quilt and fumbled for her phone on the nightstand.

Nathan was annoyed to hear the phone ringing so early in the morning. He pulled Mandy into his arms.

No matter who called her at such an odd hour, she didn't have to answer it.

The phone rang for a few seconds, and upon not being answered, the call was disconnected. But right after it was cut off, it started to ring again!

Mandy rubbed her eyes helplessly and sat up. Several words were displayed on the screen of her mobile phone. But one phrase that whipped her out of her slumber was 'Dean of the hospital!'

Opening her eyes wide, she looked at the screen in the darkness of the room. It was a call from the Dean of the hospital. Mandy frowned and thought, 'Was he going to ask her to go back to work?'

Mandy tapped on the green icon and answered the call immediately, "Hello, Dean."

"Mandy, how are you doing?"

"Oh, much better. Thank you for your concern."

"Well, here is the thing. Yesterday, Harry suddenly had a stroke. Now he is in the emergency room of the hospital for treatment. Can you come back to work today?" The Dean sounded anxious, and he was in a dilemma. It was clear from his voice that he was driven to a corner. Otherwise, he wouldn't have called to disturb Mandy. After all, he had got a personal call from Nathan to sanction Mandy's vacation.

"What? Okay, I see. I will come to work today." Mandy was restless after she hung up the call. Although she didn't like Harry at all, she still hoped that he would survive this crisis. After all, he had suffered a stroke.

"Nathan." She shook Nathan, who was lying beside her.

"Yes?" Nathan replied in a lazy and sleep-deprived voice.

"Nathan, just now, our Dean called me. He said that the Director of the Cardiology Department had a stroke last night. I have to go back to work today." Mandy lay down again and snuggled into Nathan's arms.

Nathan stretched out his arms and pulled Mandy into a deep embrace. By now, they had developed a beautiful understanding of each other.

"Do you really like to be a doctor so much?" Nathan asked as he stroked Mandy's soft hair.

"Yes, you are right. It is an incredible feeling when you

er like the glorious moon up in the sky, while she felt like a small human running on the ground with an aspiration to touch the moon.

No one knew what destiny had in store. But since Mandy came to know Nathan, her life had gone through a drastic change.

"My parents also wished that I could quit the job in the hospital and take over the family business," Mandy said. However, she was reluctant to take over the company, and she had a strong reason behind it.

Firstly, the commercial business had never appealed to her. Moreover, whatever she did, it was important for her to find interest in that. And that included dating as well. You needed to have an interest in a person to be able to go around with him.

Secondly, although she didn't know when her heart would be filled with regret, Mandy was trying her best to fulfill those regrets.

"You can hand over the business affairs to men because there are too many intricacies in the business world. I don't think it will be suitable for you." The look in Nathan's eyes darkened. He felt extremely protective and considerate towards Mandy. She was a woman, no matter how strong she had been.

In the history of JS International, Daisy had never gone to work since she married Jason. Everyone envied her for her good life. In many people's eyes, she was happy only because she didn't need to work. But at the same time, a home-bound life also bored her to a great extent. Yet having a doting and supportive husband like Jason, Daisy could have done whatever she wanted. But, still, she had spent most of her time at JS International to keep Jason's company.

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