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   Chapter 131 The Couple's Phones

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It was apparent in Fred's face that he was very sad. Last night, Nathan got really drunk, and he had to take him home.

However, he couldn't do anything about it. Fred was just joking around. Of course, he wouldn't take it too seriously. Also, he was more experienced than Nathan.

He left the office once he finished his coffee. Meanwhile, Mandy sat in front of Nathan. She was all smiles.

"Give me your phone," Nathan said with a straight face.

"What?" Mandy questioned. Nathan's demand made Mandy frown slightly. She worried that Nathan might want to see her phone, and this made her feel unsettled. 'I wouldn't want Nathan to find out that I took pictures of him last night, ' Mandy thought.

"Don't answer back. Just take your phone out!" Nathan demanded, staring at Mandy.

Mandy slowly lowered her head. She tried to hold back her nervousness, took out her phone, and said, "Here you go."

"Faster! Do you have a secret lover?" Nathan said with a sneer on his face.

Mandy was becoming even more anxious. She put the phone down on the desk and exclaimed, "Hmpf! My phone won't reveal any secret lovers, mind you!"

He knew that Mandy wouldn't dare cheat on him. She didn't even have the time to have one, either. With Mandy staying by his side every day, it was impossible for her to cheat on him.

When Nathan picked Mandy's phone out, he skillfully plucked the SIM card out with a needle. Mandy got confused and wondered what Nathan was going to do. 'Is he confiscating my SIM card?' she wondered.

Before she could say anything else, Nathan inserted her SIM card into a brand new phone. 'Is he giving me that beautiful phone as a gift?' Mandy thought.

"I just ordered a pair of these. They're designed for couples. Here you are," Nathan said as he showed the phone to her.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. "Wow, what kind of phone is this? It's so beautiful!"

With a smile on his face, Nathan said, "It's a customized phone fo

a seat near the window.

While glancing outside the window, Mandy was absolutely astonished. The night view was breathtaking! She could see JS International right across from where they were sitting.

"Wow, Nathan. JS International is right opposite to us!" Mandy exclaimed.

Nathan just smiled at her and then changed the topic. "So, what do you want to eat?" He handed the menu to Mandy.

Mandy refused to take the menu. "You order tonight. I'm okay with what you'll order for me."

"Okay," Nathan said as he held his fingers out to pinch Mandy on the nose.

In truth, Mandy had just wanted Nathan to order for him so that she'd know his preference in food. She wanted to know more about Nathan and his life.

Right between the restaurant and JS International was a river. Mandy turned her head to look out the window and saw that the streetlights were turned on.

"Nathan, the night scene here is so beautiful." Mandy smiled as she looked outside the window.

Mandy's palm suddenly felt warm. She looked at them and saw Nathan holding her hand.

"Yes, the night scene is beautiful. And so are you," Nathan said with sincerity in his eyes.

'I thought he would never praise me, ' Mandy thought to herself. A compliment from Nathan was something Mandy was not used to hearing at all.

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