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   Chapter 130 Because I Am Her Husband

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Nathan brought Mandy today to JS International.

Nathan had realized that he missed Mandy very much whenever he took a break from work. He would rather take her to his office to keep him company than worry about her.

He had more peace of mind when she was with him.

They entered the company building with his arm around her waist. Mandy was shy but did her best to appear smart and walk gracefully.

All the employees in JS International stood still and watched in silence. No one dared to talk about Mandy in secret. Nathan hated gossiping employees, so they worked as hard as they could without saying anything inappropriate.

"Nathan, you have lots of people in your company," Mandy said in low voice. She still felt a little uncomfortable but wore a smile and greeted them back.

More than two hundred employees greeted them on their way to the elevator.

They all said the same thing, "Good morning, Mr. Jin and Miss Zhou."

Mandy even suspected that they had been instructed on what to say for this particular scene.

"Don't worry. No one will spread the news that you're with me," Nathan said with an assuring smile as he pressed the elevator button.

JS International was just like Nathan's home. Each employee in the company had gone through rigorous selection. The most important quality that Nathan looked for was secrecy. Plus, all employees signed a ten-year contract of service. There was no way that they could work elsewhere during this period.

'It is part of human nature to gossip. Why is he so confident that no one will spread the news? What on earth did Nathan say to them?' Mandy wondered.

"Is that even possible? What's going on?" Mandy was confused.

"It's a secret," Nathan said curtly. Biting his lips, Nathan smiled and then lowered his head to kiss Mandy's lips.

His sudden move left Mandy unable to react. It was a soft and war

n, here are the couple's mobile phones you ordered. You can precisely locate the other phone's position even if the phone is turned off." Fred took out two mobile phones from a paper bag. The white phone was printed with Mandy's initials while the black phone was printed with Nathan's.

The black one was more of a masculine style, while the white one was of feminine style. Nathan picked up the white one and used the password to lock the locating function so that Mandy couldn't find it.

When Mandy was back, she held two cups of coffee, one for herself and the other for Fred.

When he looked at his coffee, Fred was a little disappointed. He asked, "Why is there no latte art in my coffee?"

"I don't have either." Mandy smiled.

"Then why did you make latte art for Mr. Jin?"

"Because I'm her husband. Are you?" Nathan answered quickly for her.

When Fred heard what Nathan said, he lost his appetite to drink coffee. He put his hands behind his back and sighed, "Look at how fickle the world is! You're bullying an old single man!"

Hearing what he said, Mandy covered her mouth and snickered. Their eyes met again. The air was full of sweet and warm bubbles.

"Drink it now, and then you can leave," Nathan said in a cold voice.

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