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   Chapter 129 Drunk Nathan

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The dark night sky was filled with bright stars.

Nathan had too much alcohol at the party and got himself drunk. Mandy sat quietly beside Nathan and looked after him. In order to keep him comfortable, she let Nathan lean his head on her legs.

Seeing this, Simon walked towards them with a smile and joked, "Hey, Nathan's girlfriend! You're taking good care of him!"

Mandy pursed her lips, forcing a smile and wiped Nathan's face with a wet towel, without saying a word to Simon.

"What's your name? Do you want to know Nathan's story?"

Simon tried to make the question sound mysterious and interesting. Apparently, his mind was also muddled. The impact of red wine was so strong. Nathan had drunk excessively, and nobody could stop him, while Simon did not drink as much, so he could still function and converse.

"Sorry, I don't want to know." Mandy didn't drink as much tonight, so she was wide awake. It didn't make any sense for her to hear about Nathan's past from anyone else.

Mandy looked at Nathan anxiously. Why hadn't he woken up yet? Nacy had left earlier to deal with something, and all the guests had gone. She was so worried about Nathan, so she called Fred to pick him up.

Fred rushed and arrived soon. With a towering height, he easily carried Nathan's body on his back. 'He is quite a strong old man!' Mandy thought.

No. 520, Haibin Road

Fred carried Nathan to his room with ease. Staring at Nathan, he frowned and asked, "Why did he drink so much?"

Fred had been working for Nathan for many years now. He seldom saw him get so drunk. It seemed that something was bothering him recently.

"I tried to stop him," Mandy said helplessly. She was like a child being interrogated for doing something silly. "It's not a good habit to drink, after all."

"Miss Zhou, I'd like to stay and look after Mr. Jin tonight. I'm worried about him." Fred was a little worried when he saw that Nathan slept like a log.

"Uncle Fred, it's okay. I can handle

her up. He could smell her natural fragrance.

The bathtub was already filled with hot water. Mandy felt comfortable and thought, 'Nathan is so caring.'

Nathan patiently helped Mandy take a bath, and she laid back comfortably, enjoying his service.

"When your hand recovers, you'll help me bathe every day," Nathan said with a teasing smile when he saw the satisfied look on Mandy's face.

"What? Why?" Hearing Nathan's words, Mandy became a little agitated. She immediately opened her eyes.

"Courtesy demands reciprocity. Besides, what's wrong with helping your husband bathe?" Nathan smirked triumphantly.

"You're shameless," Mandy retorted. She looked at him with contempt.

"Thanks for your compliment," Nathan replied without losing his smile. He was not angered by Mandy's comment at all.

"You're the most shameless person I've ever seen." Mandy stretched out her left hand, which was covered with lots of bubbles, and brushed it against Nathan's face.

"Little woman, you're playing with fire. Do you know that?" Nathan snickered, but his smile was warm.

Mandy blushed immediately. 'Why can't I be quiet and refrain from exciting him?' she wondered.

Apparently, she knew what he was trying to tell her. If she continued to stir him, he might get aroused and force her into making love.

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