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   Chapter 128 Aren't you afraid, Ms. Zhou

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"How could he? I think it is impossible for him to still love her," Nacy answered. Even though she was not sure, she made sure to answer Mandy confidently.

Mandy was feeling so confused and anxious that her heart kept on drumming inside her. Usually, it wouldn't bother her if the person she loved had a past girlfriend. She couldn't care less about Nathan's past, but she was worrying that she was just a rebound girl.

If Nathan were only treating Mandy well just to forget about that girl, he may as well be mean to her altogether.

"Can you tell me about his ex-girlfriend?" Mandy asked. She was very curious about what had happened between Nathan and her. On several occasions, Nathan had suddenly treated Mandy coldly because of his ex-girlfriend.

"I can't. But Mand, you have to remember that you should never talk to Nathan about that girl. It was his first love, and she was unbelievably cruel. She had an... She had an affair with another guy. My cousin was so humiliated. You know, men and their fragile egos," Nacy said. Nacy worried that Mandy might hate her once Mandy eventually found out the truth. But she thought that if she told Mandy about it, Mandy would definitely feel depressed. So she'd rather keep it from her for the time being.

"I see," Mandy said, lowering her head. She was deep in thought again.

If Nathan's first love actually cheated on him, then it would make sense that he was moody from time to time. Mandy suddenly felt enlightened about Nathan's character.

"Remember what I said, okay?" Nacy looked firmly at Mandy.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Simon were talking to each other on the sofa at the corner of the hall.

Simon twirled the wine glass in his hand. The scarlet liquid swirled back and forth inside his glass. The wine's scent whiffed.

"Nathan, the woman you're with is quite hot," Simon teased Nathan and drank his wine.

"Well? Do you like her? I could give her to you as a gift," Nathan said, and his eyes became cold. He

give up on you," Justin said.

Hearing Justin's confessions disgusted Mandy. She stared at him and said, "I had hoped you'd act like a gentleman. I have already rejected you, so stop pestering me!"

"I don't know... Do your parents know who you live with right now, Ms. Zhou?" Justin said.

Mandy frowned at Justin.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Mandy answered.

"Don't be so nervous. I won't harm you, Mandy. I'll simply ask Mr. Zhou if he knows about your love life," Justin threatened.

"Go ahead!" Mandy shouted. What Mandy hated most was blackmailing. Besides, Justin could never do a thing like that to Mandy.

"Ms. Zhou, you are a smart woman. I know you don't want me to tell your father," Justin said, shaking his head.

Mandy offered no response. "Ms. Zhou, aren't you afraid that your parents will know about your boyfriend?" Justin continued to blackmail Mandy.

While thinking about Nathan, Mandy said in an indifferent tone, "I'm not afraid. You can tell them whatever you'd like to tell them."

After saying that, Mandy walked away from Justin without looking back at him. Obviously, it was impossible for Justin to scare her now that she had Nathan on her side. If she knew that things like this would happen, she would have never agreed to go on that blind date with Justin.

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