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   Chapter 127 Does He Still Love Her

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The height difference between Mandy and Nathan was huge, which made it strange, seeing them side by side.

"When did that beautiful girl start going out with him? There's something fishy about them," Simon said as he shook his head. If he had known that Nathan would bring a date, he would have brought one himself. He just thought that bringing a date with him would cause a hassle, so instead, he came alone.

"Fishy? What do you mean? I like the girl Nathan's with," Nacy said with a smile.

Simon couldn't believe Nacy's sentiments. He exclaimed, "What? You have already met her?"

Nacy nodded. "Yes. I believe we have met before."

"Tell me. What's up between Nathan and that girl?" Simon interrogated her. He seemed to be feeling uneasy. 'Why hadn't Nathan told me about this girl?' he wondered.

Despite Mandy's face being hidden underneath a mask, Simon could tell that she was a beautiful and attractive woman. Simon knew that Nathan would never be with an ordinary-looking woman.

"I really don't know. Ask my cousin," Nacy said as she smiled at Nathan and Mandy with admiration.

Nacy was a single woman. She had been looking forward to meeting a handsome and charming man like her cousin; however, she hadn't met her Mr. Right just yet.

Damian wore a sharp-looking silver suit and was standing at the corner. Although he didn't like parties, he was feeling good tonight. After all, Nathan brought Mandy to the party. It seemed that the two would finally make their relationship public really soon.

Justin was also at the party. He immediately recognized Nathan. Everyone in the business circle knew Nathan, and he had been featured in a financial magazine at the mere age of just 19. He also guessed that Nathan's date was Mandy. He just couldn't forget Mandy's impressive and unique features.

Smiling to himself, Justin took a sip of wine and thought, 'No wonder Mandy didn't want to go on a blind date with me. She's in lo

tion, "I'm not living with him."

"Mandy, just have fun. My cousin may be very cold and cruel at times. On the surface, he may seem like a stubborn and ill-tempered man, but deep down, he loved you. Otherwise, he wouldn't bring you here," Nacy quietly said to Mandy.

"Does Nathan have a Weibo account?" Mandy asked, ignoring what Nacy had just said. She remembered what she had seen in Nathan's Weibo account and how heartbreaking it was for her to see those words.

"I don't know, but I don't think he has a Weibo account. Nathan is a really busy man. Even I don't have one," Nacy answered.

"Did he... Did he date anyone before me?" Mandy stammered. She was biting her lips. It was a very sensitive topic for her. Her intuition told her that Nathan was referring to someone else in his Weibo post updates.

Nacy's expression changed seconds after. Nobody dared to mention that girl in front of Nathan. Every time Nathan thought about that girl, he would be extremely gloomy and angry. Even Nacy wouldn't talk to Nathan about her.

"I don't want to hide anything from you, Mandy. So, yes, he did have a girlfriend before. But it was a long time ago. They broke up years ago," Nacy answered, holding Mandy's hand.

"Does he still love her?" Mandy asked, and her eyes looked very sincere.

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