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   Chapter 126 Don't Do Stupid Things Anymore

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They took one look at each other in the mirror and found themselves falling in love all over again.

"You look cute," Mandy complimented, while she got a good look at Nathan.

Nathan scoffed, raising his eyebrows. "Cute? That's the best you can do? Shouldn't I at least warrant for something else–like 'handsome' at least?"

Cute was used to describe girls and kids. Nathan was neither of the two. He was as manly and proud as it got, and he'd be damned if he was continued to be described as...'Cute'.

Mandy smiled, not saying another word. He could think what he liked. She glanced down slowly, her gaze falling on her right wrist.

Her wrist was still wrapped with white gauze. Though the bleeding has stopped, the wound still hadn't scabbed. The bright white gauze was a contrast to her creamy skin, ugly to anyone's eyes.

As if he read her mind, Nathan pulled her to face him.

His soft fingertips slightly grazed her palms, sliding to the back of her hands. He gingerly picked up her right hand and placed it on the center of his left.

As their hands connected, Mandy felt a wave of electricity rushing through her skin, rending her heart numb.

"Mand, don't do stupid things anymore, okay?" As Nathan stared at her wrist, distress pooled over his calm eyes.

A part of him still felt guilty. That night, all he wanted was to do everything in his power to hurt her, to hurt the person he loved. Fortunately, nothing serious resulted from this, or else he'd never have forgiven himself. However, after the incident, it was as if his feelings for her have intensified into something much more.

All he wanted to do was to keep her by his side and dote on her every day.

They were like any other couple, falling further into each other without the other knowing it.

Mandy looked up in surprise, still unaccustomed to Nathan's caring attitude. 'Why did he seem like such a different person?'

Right at that moment, Melissa walked out of the Accessories Room, holding a dark blue laced ribbon. She had noticed the bandages wrapped around Mandy's wrist while she had been doing her makeup. Though she knew she had n

Though Nathan wore a mask, it didn't hide the expensiveness and prestige of his stance and suit, which made him all the more appealing to the women.

Mandy placed her hand around Nathan's arm and allowed him to assist her as they walked down the staircase. As they slid through the crowds, he slowed down his pace to ease her nervousness.

Although she was wearing a mask, Mandy could still feel all eyes were focused on them, which made her a bit nervous.

She was the most nervous about being recognized by the crowds.

However, after looking around, she calmed herself. The people around her weren't really familiar. Plus, with the masks, it would be hard to distinguish who was who in the first place.

Dressed in a white suit, Simon looked handsome and elegant, but today he didn't bring his fiancée, Bonnie Zhong. They were only getting married due to very practical reasons. Simon never really harbored any feelings for her. They just had an engagement ceremony six months ago. As for the wedding, Simon was doing everything in his power to delay it.

"Nacy, who's the girl beside your brother?" Simon's eyes were fixated on Mandy, as was everybody's at this point.

"You can go ask him yourself." There was a secretive smile on Nacy's delicate features. She honestly hadn't expected that her cousin would bring Mandy to the dinner party, but from the look of it, they seemed to be hitting it off already.

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