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   Chapter 125 Seldom Praise her

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"Thanks for your compliment, Mr. Jin." Although Mandy was furious, she kept smiling.

Nathan scoffed, feeling a little dazed. 'What was wrong with this woman's head? I was obviously mocking her just now.'

"For what?"

"At least you didn't say that my figure is not appealing. It implies that you are complimenting my figure," Mandy said with her chest out, which she was proud of.

The particular flaw of her figure was she was too skinny. However, Mandy did have a great frame, with a perfect chest and butt.

Nathan was pleased by her, so he shook his head. He realized she was so charming.

Nathan took Mandy to YM Fashion, a well-decorated and high-standard salon.

The shop assistants gave their warm greetings as they said in unison, "Welcome."

The pomp and bustle of the greeting gave them a sense of being royalty. Perceiving this, Mandy was quite nervous. She licked her bottom lip and asked, "Nathan, it looks very expensive here, doesn't it?"

Nathan brushed her magnificent hair with his delicate finger and frowned. "I'll pay the bill."

Having a glance at Nathan, of course, Mandy knew that it was his treat. Normally, she would never go to this kind of place. Since she had been with Nathan, all her clothes and other needs came from prominent brands. She just felt embarrassed to use Nathan's wealth all the time because it would leave her a great grasp of inadequacy.

Although Mandy was a professional physician, she was still modest compared with Nathan.

"Then can I choose the most pricey one?" Mandy turned on her heels and looked straight into Nathan's eyes.

"It's okay to buy the whole salon." His tone of voice was neutral, but his words were very affectionate.

Mandy couldn't help but smile. Her smile was so lovely, with two adorable dimples on her cheeks.

Nathan stared at Mandy, who kept

taste! This girl, who has been fooled by Nathan this time, is really young and beautiful.'

Mandy was not just pretty but also a fairy. She looked very neat. She had a standard oval face, with almond-like eyes and delicate nose. Her features made people see her as wonderful but not coquettish, and delicate but not lustful.

"No, never!" Mandy smiled gracefully. Many people mentioned that her skin was perfect with natural beauty inborn. She thought she was perhaps lucky.

"I am really envious of you, Honey."

"Melissa, you are so cool, too."

Nathan put on a stellar black suit, which was embellished in the same style as Mandy's dress. When he showed up, he happened to notice Mandy and Melissa chattering happily. He puckered his lips and beamed slightly.

An hour later, Mandy stood in front of a huge mirror. She was not used to see herself wearing a gorgeous dress with luxurious diamonds like that.

Melissa told her that every dress was unique in that place, and there was only one of this dress in the world.

The tailor-made, good-looking suit outlined Nathan's outstanding temperament. His long legs didn't look short at all, even in a suit of such style. He simply moved his right arm towards Mandy.

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