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   Chapter 124 A Token Of Her Love

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Lillian stood up and said happily, "Okay, Mandy. I'll get them for you."

Mandy went to the bathroom to wash her hands. Then she looked in the mirror. All of a sudden, she began to pay attention to how she looked. She wanted Nathan to see her at her best.

When Mandy arrived at the JS International, she just walked inside without anyone stopping her. It seemed that the bodyguards, the security guards, and the secretaries already knew who she was. They greeted her, but that just made her uneasy.

When she arrived at Nathan's office, she knocked on the door nervously. She didn't know why Nathan had asked her to come over.

"Come in," a voice called.

It was only the second time Mandy had come over to Nathan's office. Although she had been familiar with the place, Mandy still felt strange being there. It was a subtle feeling as if she were going to see an old friend she hadn't seen for a long time.

Mandy saw Nathan sitting in front his desk and looking at some documents. Mandy slowly made her way towards him.

"Ahem," Mandy scoffed. "I'm already here," said Mandy, who already stood just in front of Nathan.

Nathan looked up but stopped and stared at the box Mandy was holding.

"What have you brought?" Nathan casually asked.

"A bomb," Mandy joked.

"Silly girl! Where did you get that?" Nathan said, sneering.

Mandy licked her lips, glared at Nathan, and said, "It's not a bomb. I just brought you some delicious food."

Nathan put his pen down and crossed his hands across his chest. With a playful smile on his handsome face, Nathan asked Mandy, "What? Do you care about me, bringing me food all of a sudden?"

Mandy rolled her eyes. She pressed her lips and said, "No, I don't care for you at all! These are my leftovers. It would be a shame to throw them away. So, I brought them here in case you wanted any."

Nathan beamed at her but didn't say anything. With his lips, he gestured for Mandy to show him what was inside the bag.

Nathan didn't mind the

reless for Nathan to walk out of his office, holding Mandy's hand. It seemed that he forgot that their relationship should be kept a secret.

Mandy, however, was feeling uncomfortable. Entering the elevator, she asked, "Nathan, why is nobody here?"

Nathan's office was located on the topmost floor of the office. JS International had a lot of staff, so it was strange that no one else was taking the elevator.

"This is my exclusive elevator. I'm the only one allowed to use it," Nathan explained, wrapping his arms around Mandy's waist.

Mandy scratched her head, feeling guilty for being suspicious. 'I'm such a fool, ' she thought to herself. If there was a private elevator for the doctors in hospitals, then surely the president of a company should have his own too.

"But where are we going?" she asked. She was just wearing a t-shirt and denim shorts. She wasn't dressed for a party.

"Of course, I have to get you changed first. You wouldn't want to go to a party looking like that, would you? You look so plain and ugly. I think it's time for me to help you with your makeup," Nathan said indifferently.

Mandy gritted her teeth. She couldn't believe that Nathan said that. 'Such a mean person, ' she thought. But she was already used to Nathan's snarky remarks. Mandy knew she shouldn't take his words seriously.

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