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   Chapter 123 Sudden Sadness

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Browsing through the homepage, Mandy saw that there was indeed a software called Sina Weibo. She opened the program, and it automatically logged in Nathan's account.

With her new discovery, Mandy was extremely excited and quickly checked the Weibo news. She found out that Nathan's Weibo was called Kevin, which Mandy thought might be Nathan's English name. 'Sounds a little rustic, ' she thought.

She also saw that Nathan's account only had one Weibo fan. 'As the CEO of JS International, he has only one fan! It's awful!' Mandy thought. At that moment, she felt no interest in going through the posts of that account. She found that he had only posted three updates.

When Mandy went through Nathan's posts, her mouth dropped wide open. A look of disbelief flashed across her delicate face.

Ever since 2014, every fourteenth day of July, Nathan had posted, "I still love you!"

Such a simple sentence felt like a mass of weight had crashed through her heart.

'I still love you?' Mandy wondered.

Then she remembered that the fourteenth day of July 2016 was the day she met Nathan at the Lover Festival!

That day, Mandy felt like she had been cast under a magic spell.

She pressed her hand onto her chest in order to calm her beating heart. It was getting difficult for her to breathe. According to the posts on Nathan's Weibo, he must have known the girl he was referring to from a long time ago.

The posts also indicated that the girl was from Nathan's past. Mandy had no idea how and why the two had separated, but she felt sad deep down.

Her nose started to twitch from holding back her tears. Looking through Nathan's Weibo distracted Mandy so much.

When she saw Lilian coming over, Mandy immediately exited Weibo. She wiped her face and curled up on the sofa with her back facing Lilian.

She didn't want Lilian to see her weeping. Moreover, she couldn't imagine Lilian knowing that she still cared about Nathan.

Nowadays, everyone has an old lover. Mandy thought that Nathan probably hadn't let go of his past. Or perhaps, it was not his Weibo account. Thinking about all of these made Mandy extremely sad. She could do no

s into her mouth. Now, she wanted to drink the cup of tea Lilian had made for her.

"Stop eating! I don't like fat girls," Nathan sneered before hanging up the phone.

"Hmpf. No one said you have to like me," Mandy answered sarcastically. She didn't like how Nathan was treating her.

Nathan, on the other hand, was lying back comfortably in his office chair. His smile was receding as he didn't know what to do with Mandy.

It was obvious that Mandy liked Nathan so much, but she wanted to act cool and pretend she didn't care for him at all.

Sometimes, Nathan really wanted to forget his past. It was a coincidence that he met Mandy. He thought that God created opportunities for them to know each other. With that thought, Nathan wanted to cherish Mandy and their time together.

However, Nathan's heart was going through a lot of pain and hatred. He had been wounded for so many years. How could his heart be mended instantly?

In his drawer, Nathan had kept a photo. He picked it up and read something from it.

He gently touched the girl's face in the photo, and a hint of sadness appeared in his eyes.

'My silly girl, if only you were still alive and with me, ' Nathan reminisced.

Meanwhile, Mandy was about to go to Nathan. Before leaving, she requested something from Lilian, "Could you get a box for me, please? Nathan invited me over to JS International. He wanted me to bring him egg tarts and some tea."

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