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   Chapter 122 Tear up Mandy's Photos

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Nathan gave her a stern look, which made her shut up immediately.

"That's right. Be good and stay with me. Don't talk too much," Nathan said slowly. Soon it was dark, and it was hard to see the look on his face.

Fortunately, Nathan saw Mandy closing her eyes. He thought to himself, 'If Mandy didn't close her eyes by now, she would have known that I was absent-minded. Then she would certainly be able to play the theme for a long time.'

At the Su's Mansion

Several pictures of Nathan and Mandy were scattered on the tea table in the living room.

The private detective appointed by the Su Family had taken about half a month to take those photos. He had to complete the task secretly so that Nathan and Mandy did not come to know about it. Most of them were taken when Nathan and Mandy were at the door. No. 520, Haibin Road had a very strong security system. It had surveillance cameras that gave a 360-degree coverage.

Taking the pictures in her hand, Eve was about to explode with anger. Her eyes were red, and she was trembling out of rage. She clenched her fists and squeezed her nails into her flesh.

Shaun was worried to see Eve in such a desperate state.

"Eve, calm down. Don't be so angry," Shaun tried comforting Eve, who was becoming increasingly inconsolable.

Claire was sitting next to Eve silently. Ever since she had an abortion, her status in the family had become very low. More than ten years ago, she had been pregnant with Shaun's child. At that time, Eve's mother, Olivia, had come to know about their relationship, which had made her go into depression. Later, Claire forced her to commit suicide by jumping into the river. In the end, Claire got married and came into this family successfully.

However, Claire had never expected that a young girl like Eve could be so shrewd and contriving. When Claire was in her sixth month of pregnancy, Eve had pushed her away through the stairway of the second floor. As a result, not only did Claire lose her child, but her own life could only be saved after a lot of difficulties.

Claire felt grateful that she was alive. As for Shaun, he thought he owed both Olivia and Claire. He was also too concerned about Eve. Hence, keeping all these things in mind and to maintain peace and harmony in the family, Shaun and Claire had decided not to have a child again. Moreover, even the doctor had said

s. He thought that it might be a good way to vent her anger by tearing up the photos.

The next day

Nathan left for work. But before he went to work, he did not forget to remind Mandy not to go out in the hot weather. And Mandy took his words seriously. She stayed indoors and remained busy playing games obediently in the living room.

Mandy kept playing the game for a long time. Then she got tired and dozed off on the sofa.

After a while, Mandy woke up. She heaved a sigh and looked around the exquisitely done up living room. She felt like she was living a pig's life now, or to be more specific, a domestic pig's life. She was not the kind of person who could live at home like this. Although the work in the hospital was very hard, she liked the busy life.

The longer she lay on the sofa, the more lethargic she became.

Tired of this kind of life, Mandy felt helpless. She picked up her mobile phone and started browsing Weibo.

Mandy started seeing the photos in her college classmates' WeChat moments. They were nothing but some trivialities. Yet, it was a better way to pass her time than laming around aimlessly in this mansion. At least these moments were filled with happy memories. They were not as worthless as she was now.

Mandy didn't even remember when she had lost the interest to post on Weibo. Yet, she still liked checking other people's Weibo.

When she thought of Weibo, she suddenly thought of Nathan. She guessed that he also had Weibo. So she immediately picked up the iPad that was lying on the tea table, which she had borrowed from Nathan.

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