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   Chapter 120 Never Have Heatstroke Again

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"Are you okay, Bruce? Is there anything bothering you?" Mandy asked. She noticed that there was something wrong with him and wanted to know what she could do for him.

"I'm afraid I need to go now, Mandy. They said that my grandma suddenly passed out. I need to go and check her out. Sorry, I can't stay with you now," Bruce said. He looked at Mandy with worry and regret. Mandy could tell that he was anxious to see how his grandma was doing.

Mandy smiled at him and said immediately, "Go, just go! I can take care of myself. Don't worry about me. My friend will come soon and pick me up."

He was a little hesitant. He fixed his eyes on Mandy and rubbed his hands, apparently torn. He wanted to stay with Mandy because she was weak and needed someone to take care of her, but his grandmother's condition was getting worse too. She was suffering from cerebellar atrophy. Surgery would be too risky due to her old age. Thus, all the family members had decided not to take the risk, leaving her with a few days to live.

"I'd better go," Bruce said in a low voice. He stopped right in front of Mandy and bent down to look into her eyes. He tapped her shoulders and said worriedly, "Send me a message when you get home."

She gave a confirmatory and encouraging smile. "I will. Just go."

Bruce turned around and left in a hurry without looking back. He was afraid that he would change his mind if he did.

Mandy was relieved when Bruce disappeared through the doorway. She was lying on the bed as her thoughts were drifting away.

As her mind transcended different paradigms, thoughts of Nathan popped up again.

Mandy shook her head and smiled helplessly. Nathan should be her nemesis, but why did she think of him again and again? Did it mean something?

Unable to put her mind at rest, she picked up her phone to call Nathan and ask him to pick her up. Before she could dial his number, her phone rang. Surprised, she almost threw it away. When she checked it, Nathan was calling.

"It's getting late. Why are you not home yet?" Nathan asked as soon as Mandy answered the call.

This woman was becoming more and more impudent. She often complained to him that she had no freedom, but now he had given her freedom, she seemed to abuse it. Now she dared to stay out this late.

"I am in the hospital." Her voice was weak, but she pronounced each word clearly.

"What's taking you so long to change the dressing?" Nathan sneered, thinking that the woman was really troublesome.

"No, I'm not here to change the dressing. I fainted because of heatstroke this morning. I was admitted for a glucose drip, and it hasn't finished yet." Mandy pursed her lips. She didn't know

ere complicated.

A serious romantic relationship could only involve two persons at any given time. It was not selfish to think that way.

"Oh, you must choose a better time to go out next time, or just stay at home. If this happens again, you'll be grounded," Nathan replied. There was no emotion in his voice. Mandy stole a glance at him. His face was as emotionless as a sculpture and so quiet that Mandy couldn't believe what she saw.

"I'm not in good health. In addition, I haven't slept well recently. Maybe that was the reason," Mandy explained, but it sounded flat. She batted her eyelashes as she spoke, and her attractive almond eyes were so expressive.

Nathan took a deep breath to calm his distracted mind. He felt that he would always lose his self-control every time he was alone with her. He didn't know why.

Of course, he kept it as a secret and didn't want to share it with anybody.

"Are you blaming me for that? Come on! Why didn't you get more sleep this morning?" Nathan contradicted placidly, still emotionless. It was hard to tell whether he was happy or sad from his voice.

Mandy pouted her lips and lowered her head. She said in a low voice, "Maybe it was because I went to sleep too late last night..."

Nathan knew what she was trying to point out. She was complaining to him that they made love several times last night. Therefore she didn't get enough sleep.

Wearing a faint smile on the corner of his lips, he sat down at the edge of her bed. His skin touched hers intentionally or unintentionally. He rubbed her hair with one of his manly hands and pinched her chin with the other hand. "So, are you blaming me for that?" he whispered while looking into her eyes seductively. "But I don't think it was all my fault." His breath tickled Mandy.

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