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   Chapter 118 Fight Back

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Mandy realized when she was drinking the water, that Cassie was silently staring at her, which was very weird.

She feigned a cough. "Cas, is there anything you want to ask me?" Mandy said with a smile. She had deliberately found an excuse to send Bruce away, in order to get a chance to tell Cassie what she had hidden from her. She didn't want to hurt her feelings again.

"Okay, I'll ask. What's your relationship with that man?" With her eyes wide as saucers, she took the cup from Mandy.

Mandy felt a little embarrassed, and she almost felt her cheeks warmed. They were friends, and she didn't know if Cassie would believe her or not.

"He's my friend," she simply said.

"Does he have a girlfriend?" Cassie prodded.

"None yet."

"Why don't you introduce him to me? I think he is very handsome."

"Okay, sure," Mandy agreed without hesitation.

Anyway, she didn't like him at all. If he could really be together with Cassie, that would be great.

"No. Don't get me wrong. I don't want him. Even a blind person can tell that he likes you." Cassie pouted. Deep inside, Mandy agreed.

"Cas, don't say that." She pretended to disagree with her.

"Well…" Cassie squinted her eyes. "The next question is, where have you been living recently?" With a serious face, she acted like a judge in court.

"I do live outside alone," Mandy swore at Cassie. She looked at her sincerely and even raised her left hand as if she was really swearing.

"Okay. Tonight, please take me to your house, and I'll have a look," Cassie challenged with a smug smile.

Mandy feigned a smile and sighed helplessly. 'I really can't hide anything from her, ' she thought to herself, defeated.

'Should I tell her that I live with Nathan?' she contemplated. 'What if she looks down upon me because of that?' Mandy worried.

Mandy didn't mean to hide the fact from Cassie. She was just afraid that she would keep her distance from her. Moreover, soon the one-month agreement she had with Nathan was coming to an end. Although Nathan had clearly stated that the

nt, she would be in great trouble.

Mandy smiled coldly, and the tiredness deepened between her eyebrows. "Knowing him? How can I expect him to wear a condom?"

"Then…" Cassie gave her quizzical look. "Haven't you gotten pregnant?"

"Maybe, God blessed me. But I would take pills before doing it."

"Don't take those pills too frequently. It's harmful to women. You are a doctor yourself. You should know that."

"Well, I know. I couldn't do anything about it. Don't worry I chose the ones with the least severe side effects," Mandy said without enthusiasm.

"Well, let's stop here. Anyway, I will help you. You must escape from this man's tyranny." Cassie was determined to help her friend.

Mandy looked at her with gratitude and said, "I'm grateful to have you as my friend."

When Bruce was back, his mood was much better as he saw that Mandy and Cassie had a good time talking and laughing. He would be contented as long as he could see her smile, even if he could only see her smile from a distance.

After they had lunch together, Cassie left immediately. She still had a meeting to attend.

Mandy was lying on the bed, looking at the sun outside the window while Bruce was holding a book in his hands. He was reading her the story of 'The Lady of the Camellias.' Although Mandy had heard it many times already, she never got tired listening to it.

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