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   Chapter 117 Cassie's Suspicion

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At the JR Hospital

In the ward, there was a woman in a patient's clothes lying quietly on the bed. She looked pale and withered, like a flower deprived of water and sunshine. Her forehead was creased, and her hands were clenched as she was having IV drops. Beside her, there was a very gentle-looking man.

The man pushed his black rimmed glasses to the bridge of his nose, glancing worriedly at the woman.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open. It was Cassie. She paid no mind to the IV as she rushed to Mandy's side, holding her cheek to check her temperature.

"How is she? How did she get heatstroke?" Cassie questioned, frowning. She slowly removed her hands from Mandy's cheek, turning to Bruce.

"I don't know. I just found her in the lavender field." He looked Mandy over worriedly, affection painted in his gaze.

Bruce had just returned to school to get some documents from his desk. When he passed by the lavender field, he saw a shadow of a person standing there. As he neared her, he realized the woman looked so much like Mandy from behind. However, when he went to her to say hello, she had already passed out.

"Did she get the scrapping therapy?" Cassie asked urgently.

"Yes. Someone just treated her. He is said to be the best in the field of traditional Chinese Medicine."

Cassie breathed a sigh of a relief when Bruce confirmed it. Mandy hadn't been to work these days, so when Cassie heard from a colleague that Mandy had been brought to the emergency room, she had to come see her.

"What's wrong with her wrist?" She narrowed her eyes at the bandage wrapped around Mandy's wrist. As a nurse, she was naturally very sensitive to any medical material.

"I don't know." Bruce shook his head, glancing at the bandage as if he had just realized it was there.

Cassie frowned, taking a closer look at the bandage. From the dried blood stains on the fabric, the injury seemed to be serious. Besides, even if it wasn't, she knew that bandages should be replaced every two days to prevent any infectio

"Ah, that's why," said Bruce, as if he suddenly realized something.

"Bruce, I am a little hungry. Can you buy me some lunch? Cassie, have you had lunch?" Mandy turned to her.

Doubt flashed through Cassie's mind. Something just didn't feel right about her story. If she really did move out, Mandy's initial option would likely be to move in with her, so why didn't she? Cassie was actually living in a rented apartment alone.

Cassie slowly shook her head. "I haven't eaten yet."

"What do you want to eat? I'll head over right now." Bruce smiled, standing up.

"Something light for me," Mandy said, pouting. As much as she'd love it, she couldn't see herself stomaching greasy food just yet. After all, she'd just fainted.

"Okay." He then left with a smile.

Cassie cleaned up the used bandage and poured a glass of water for Mandy.

"Drink some water first. You must be dehydrated." She couldn't help but feel bad for Mandy, a part of her thinking that something bad must've happened to her recently to account for the wounds and the stress the woman must be going through.

"Thank you." She yawned, feeling Cassie's eyes on her as she finished the glass of water she had handed over. Cassie was suspecting her, and Mandy hated to say, but she was right to do so.

'Sometimes, a woman's sixth sense is horribly accurate, ' she thought.

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