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   Chapter 116 Take Care

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"Mand, are you still not playing the piano?" Daniel turned to look at her.

Raising her head, Mandy looked into the distant sky as if finding the answers there. She bit her lips for a long time before she loosened her grasp and said, "Right. I'm not playing."

She hadn't played the piano for four years now except for that one day in the bar.

"The past…" he started and released a deep breath. "As you said, it's time to let it go. Why don't you let yourself go? You loved playing the piano, but you chose to be a doctor instead. It's not easy to be a doctor. Why don't you try to run a piano school?" He looked closer at her. "Isn't this your dream? To train a group of children who love music as much as you do," he continued. Daniel's eyes glimmered. He still felt sorry for that accident, which had so seriously broken Mandy's heart.

Mandy had been playing the piano for more than ten years, and now she just easily gave it up. Nobody knew more about Mandy's difficulties than Daniel.

"Daniel, people change. I've changed a lot. I want to save people's lives now, not just simply to become a pianist. I've already let go of myself. Don't worry." When Mandy's eyes met his, they both expressed deep, unspoken, and complicated emotions.

She didn't expect that Daniel knew her that well. He knew everything about her past, but probably nobody around her would know it anymore since he was leaving pretty soon.

Taking his rough hands out from his pockets, Daniel gently took Mandy's hands and said, "Mand, no matter what happens, remember I want you to be happy. Don't blame yourself. You did not do anything wrong."

Mandy nodded. She closed her eyes for a moment to stop her tears. She said slowly, "I know. So do you. Take good care of yourself always."

They stared at each other in silence. Mixed emotions built up because they both knew that after the emotional farewell, they would be separated forever.

But nobody wanted a sad atmosphere. Besides, it was expected that he was going away as Daniel promised Stanley that he would leave.

"Are we…" He tried to put on a smile. "Are we still frie

m wind. Mandy watched him leave until his back faded in the sunshine. In silence, she sincerely wished him a bright future ahead.

Daniel left with a smile, but Mandy stood there as her tears fell. They had been together for three years. It was the first time that he had made her cry dolefully; perhaps it was also the last time.

Someone close and dear to her was disappearing from her life forever.

But she didn't have to indulge in the past, because there was always someone else who would replace him. Until then, she would be happy again.

After Daniel left, Mandy walked around No. 1 High School. She went to her favorite lavender field. She and Daniel had decided not to come here because there were too many beautiful memories here.

Although she didn't like summer, she enjoyed the sun that was shining brightly on this particular day. She stood under the scorching sun, basking in solitude. In the center of the lavender field, she thought she saw an old friend.

An eighteen-year-old girl stood in the lavender field, playing the violin. Her black and beautiful hair gracefully flew with the wind.

Mandy stood there in a daze for some time. She knew it was just her illusion. How could the dead come back to life?

The old friend's voice vaguely reverberated in her ears.

"Mand, what are we going to eat later?

Mand, let me tell you. I have a boyfriend.

Mand, don't be afraid."

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